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2010 Already

Maybe I’ll try this again.

I met with Sarah, my trainer, yesterday for the first time this year. We took my measurements again. Actual circumference numbers were the same as last time, but the fat measurements (with the pincher things) were down one inch for waist and thighs, and two inches, if i remember correctly, for triceps. Those decreases made the overall body fat percentage go from 29.1% (November 24th) to 27.7% yesterday.

The past couple of days I’ve had off of work for New Year’s and I spent sometime cooking and making some new stuff.

Hot Udon Soup with Roast Beef, Chikuwa, and Narutomaki

Ingredients for Spicy/Sweet Beef Peanut Curry

End Curry Result — very, very yummy and just the right amount of spicy

I also used the leftovers from the roaster chicken to make some chicken stock. Unfortunately, I didn’t have most of the normal ingredients to put in the stock (like celery and carrots…) so I used onions, a bit of green pepper, and a bunch of sun-dried tomatoes, then garlic and an assortment of herbs. I ended up with a 4 cups of chicken broth. It was so much easier this time around especially since I remembered to buy cheesecloth last week.

I went to the gym this morning when it opened at noon and it was FREEZING outside–like 9 degrees. I went running (as in run for 2 minutes or 2 laps, then walk for one minutes or one lap) for about 40 minutes, part on the treadmill and part on the track they have.

Today’s Food & Exercise:
9am: Silk Key Lime soy yogurt and granola, 215 calories
11:30am: half bagel with 2 tbsp peanut butter, clementine
12:00pm: gym
1:30pm: Panera, You-Pick-Two 1/2 Chicken Chipotle Sandwich and cup of Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice
6:00pm: Japanese-style curry over rice (stew beef, carrots, potatoes)

Lunch from Panera

Japanese Style Beef Curry with Potatoes & Carrots

We spent the rest of the day going to the mall (new pants on sale at J.Crew), Walgreens, and watching It’s Always Sunny and some House on Hulu on the TV.

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  1. January 6, 2010 at 09:53

    29.1% (November 24th) to 27.7% yesterday —> good improvement, Jess – keep up 🙂

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