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Burning Plastic Office

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Today was back to work again for me, after about a four day vacation. I actually didn’t mind working the three days between Christmas and New Years because I had a TON of email and a lot of stuff to do. Since I’m supposed to get around ~1300 calories per day, unlike most people, I actually need to make sure that I eat every so often and plan it out in order to get that many calories. It’s much easier for me to do this when I actually have a real schedule, so I guess going back to work is okay.

Also, as if to welcome us back to the office, someone there decided to put something in the microwave that was NOT microwave safe. At all. I walked into the kitchen about 3 seconds after the microwave door was open only to be greeted by toxic plastic fumes and lots of smoke. Seriously, worst smell ever. We had to open the hallway and outside doors and get some industrial fans from maintenance. Awful. I still smelled bad even after the gym and a shower.

Today’s Food & Exercise
6:00am: Silk Raspberry Soy Yogurt, granola, flax seed
9:30am: half Whole Wheat Bagel, 2 tbsp Peanut Butter, Clementine;
12:00pm: Chicken Tortilla Soup and Crackers
3:00pm: Peanuts and Walnuts (god I hate walnuts, why did I buy walnuts…)
5:30pm: Gym
7:00pm: Nabeyaki Udon, Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll

Raspberry Soy Yogurt, Flax Seed, Granola

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Water Crackers

Afternoon Snack: Green Tea, Walnuts (>_<), Peanuts

Nabeyaki Udon

Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll

After work, I went to the gym for about 45 minutes and did about 40 minutes on the elliptical while watching Glee and some stretching. I was going to run but my stomach felt really bad because of the plastic, so I decided not to run. For some reason, I can’t run very long without the front area (shins?) of my legs hurting. It never happens when I use the elliptical or ride the bike (not the gym bike), probably since there is less pressure on the legs when you do those. That’s a total guess.

Tim was late home from work, and we had some good new for me (a raise!) so we went out to dinner at Yotsuba, a Japanese restaurant right down the road from our house. I really like it there and they actually speak Japanese (who would’ve thought??).

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