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Rawr, Gym Day!

January 5th, 2010
So, it officially still smelled like burnt plastic today. It was a little bit warmer in the office today at least though (prospective tenants were getting tours I think, so they turned the heat up…). Its usually around 55* when we get in the office in the morning.

It was nice to have a day that didn’t start with strength training at 6am. It’s so hard to get up when its pitch dark out. I’m a-okay with getting up at 7am, even on weekends, but 5am…. blech. There are people still on AIM that haven’t gone to bed yet when I am waking up.

I must’ve been extra busy at work today, since I totally forgot to eat my mid-morning snack/meal that I packed. It was the normal half bagel, peanut butter, and a clementine, but I never got around to it.

Today’s Food & Exercise
6:00am: Silk Soy Yogurt, granola, flax seed
12:00pm: Chicken Pad See Ewe from No Thai
5:45 ~ 6:45pm: workout with Sarah (weight/strength training)
7:00pm: Japanese Curry Leftovers

The Pad See Ewe from No Thai is A LOT of food, so I purposely didn’t eat the peanuts and walnuts that I’d packed. I had the curry leftovers with soba noodles instead of udon, and I really think that I like the udon noodles better–will make sure to use those next time.

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