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half, of a half, of a bagel…

Is it bad when the most exciting part of your day is a new microwave? A new microwave that isn’t even technically yours, but the whole office’s? It is stainless steel, even doesn’t show fingerprints (I tried), its like, 2.5 cubic feet (in case you want to microwave everyone’s lunches at once, and oh yea, the best part: IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE BURNING PLASTIC.

Now, instead, the hallway smells like burning plastic since the old microwave is in the hallway now for some reason. I still think we should sell it on Craigslist. Someone would buy it.

Today’s Food
6:00am: Silk Soy Key Lime Yogurt, Granola, Flax Seed
9:00am: Clementine, Half of Half a Bagel, Peanut Butter
12:00pm: Savory Lentil Soup
3:00pm: two dark Dove chocolates
7:00pm: Steamed Salmon, Potatoes fried in EVOO, Pepper, & Sea Salt

Today’s Dinner

The reason why I only had “half of a half of a bagel” was because our toaster slot s are rather skinny and my bagel got stuck. When I pried it out (with a knife, after unplugging, yes) it was half burned…. so yea. A quarter of a bagel.

No exercise today–actually got out of work an hour early because of the snow. I think we have about 4 inches… maybe. I mainly think the bosses that have to take the highways home wanted to leave before rush hour. I didn’t really feel like going back out driving today, especially since my car doesn’t have anti-lock brakes :/

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