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Rah rah, ooh la la…

Woooo Lady Gaga concert last night 😀

That “wooo” right there makes up for all the noise I didn’t make. I’m a pretty quiet concert go-er, especially since I don’t go to pop concerts and I don’t really know how to act at one. I mean, we actually had assigned seats. That’s strange.

But! It was a really sweet show! I got my $45 worth of crazy outfits and general fabulousness.

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010: Food and Exercise
5:00am: granola, soy yogurt, flax seed
6:00am: strength training with Sarah
9:00am: half of a whole wheat bagel
12:00pm: Pad See Ewe from No Thai
6:30pm: Half Chicken Chipotle Sandwich, cup Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
This was another one of those “why do we have this?” sort of days at work. I spent probably the majority of my time moving files from one drawer to another, and getting rid of all files that were before the year 2000. Why can’t we have all electronic filing? Oh, because then I wouldn’t get dry hands and smell like old basement. (and I just love old basement smell…) It’s been about 80 degrees in the office at work, so at least I’m drinking a lot of water, mainly in an effort to drink it before it gets to room temperature.

Tim left this morning for Akron for work and while I don’t really mind being by myself, I don’t like it because it messes with any dinner menu plans that I had, so I get to eat leftovers.

Today’s Food
6:30am: soy yogurt, flax seed, granola
12:00pm: half whole wheat bagel, Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
3:00pm: slice of weird (but awesome) chocolate-y, molasses-y bread stuff on the “free food table” at work
7:00pm: leftover Japanese style beef curry with udon noodles

Leftover Curry

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