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back in to the swing of things…


Hopefully this is the (re)start of all the stuff I want to do. March wasn’t the healthiest of months and I just confirmed for myself that I cannot swallow medicine correctly–as in, having to put pills in peanut butter to swallow them is NOT correct. I am not a terrier. But everything is back in place now and I am ready to start cooking good food, exercising, working on the house, etc.

Work is going good and we may start to have more vacation time in the next couple of months, which is very welcome since we only get 5 real days of vacation per year. The other 5 are “company-held” which means we have to take them when the company says so, to me this is not vacation.

Last weekend Tim and I visited two of this friends, Scott and Sarah, in Utah where they live. Our friend Dan also joined us. On Friday, the boys and I went skiing at SnowBasin and visited Park City on Saturday. I didn’t ski on Saturday, Sarah and her friends had a girls’ day. It was fun, and I got some good stuff from the outlet mall in Park City, but I was overdosed on estrogen for a while.

Since the last update, I’ve finished two more Murakami Haruki novels: South of the Border, West of the Sun, Sputnik Sweetheart, and Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I’m about halfway into The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

I started back up training with Sarah last week, and I’m not sure if it is from being sick or what, but I am five pounds less than I was this time in March. from 125 to 120 pounds. I thought at first it was just from being sick and once I got better and ate more it would go back to 125… but so far it hasn’t. I guess that is good.

Anyways, I’m going to start making sure that I eat better now!

Dinner, Friday April 17th, 2010
BBQ Baked Tofu, Steamed Broccoli and Corn, Red Curry Quinoa

Breakfast, Saturday April 18th, 2010
Strawberry Banana Soy Yogurt, Apple Cinnamon Granola, mini Clementine, multi-vitamin

Lunch, Saturday April 18th, 2010
Hot Soba Noodles with Chikuwa, Narutomaki, and Nori; Edamame; and Chai Latte from Cafe Verde in downtown Ann Arbor

Also! Today was my first day back this year to the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market. There were tons of vendors selling plants for home gardens and hand-made goods like soap, beeswax candles, even really sweet all-wood cutting boards. We got a pound of bacon, lamb for shish-kabobs (we’ll use it for stew or curry probably), and some Blush pasta sauce from Pasta e Pasta. We’ve had that kind and their spinach and cheese ravioli, they’re both VERY yummy.

Not too sure what we are doing today. I may work some outside since it’s a bit chilly and the bees will not be out. Dinner with Nathan and Jen tonight and a dollar movie 😀

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