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Early Bird

Early day today–met with Sarah at the gym at 6am today. I had a bagel before I left. It’s really difficult for me to get up any earlier than at the very last minute when I meet her in the early morning. We did the normal type of thing: run three laps, stretch, three sets of three exercises, cardio, two sets of three exercises, cardio, two sets of three exercises, cardio, stretch.

Got to work and ate my normal yogurt and granola mixture. Work was uneventful and I got ALOT of filing done that I had been putting off since forever. I ate lunch with Colleen and Tim. It was a bad Earth Day (which I know is Thursday, but still) at work, lol, since I ended up printing the same 21 files about 3 times trying to get them approved.

After work, Amanda and I went out to eat at Outback for dinner and then came back to hang out at my house. Turns out that the trash guys did NOT pick up about half of our compost bags and even left a nice little neon green note telling up the problem: over 50 pounds and had “unacceptable materials” like dirt and sod. Oh well. Amanda and I used the creeper to pull the leftover bags back to the house–I’m going to dump them out behind the garage (where stuff goes to be forgotten).

We tried to watch the new Glee tonight but FOX was just not cooperating 😦
Just got to watch the end of Biggest Loser instead.

April 20th, 2010- Snack
Japanese Rice Cracker

April 20th, 2010- Lunch
Leftover Lamb Stew, Two Clementines, Mini-Twix

April 20th, 2010- Dinner
Brown Bread, Tortilla Soup, Tilipia w/ crab, Mixed Veggies

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