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Exploring Ann Arbor’s B2B Trail

I’ve rode my bike on the B2B trail–a paved trail that weaves its way through Ann Arbor and into Ypsi, mostly following the Huron River. I went out for my first ride of the season on it this past Sunday. Luckily it was still a bit early in the morning and it wasn’t packed yet, lots of people at church still probably.

I started at my apartment at Green and Nixon and took Nixon down to Plymouth, to Huron Pkwy and cut into the trail at Gallup park and followed the trail west to Bandemere Park (under US-14 near Barton Road). I had to battle with some slow moving (and angry) geese after the Maiden Lane bridge and also had to make myself not stop every ten feet to try and eat what looked like wild raspberries.

The best part: trail maintenance! There is part of the trail, right before you get to the Argo Dam is you’re heading west, that is hard-packed dirt through a little wooded area (looks a bit like single track). A lot of the overhanging trees have been cut back and trail is (seems?) a lot wider now. I didn’t have to get off my bike when encountered with a couple and their giant poodle coming in the other direction.

Also, Argo Dam is one of my favorite parts of the trail, and because of the “walk your bike” signs I actually get to cross and take a good look at my surroundings. There were a good number of kayakers out today and some people fishing on the other side of the dam.

Right now it ends at Bandemere Park and then at the Wayne County border near Belleville. It would be really awesome if they could extend through Belleville (along Belleville Lake, perhaps?) and then follow the chain of three MetroParks that are there.

Arbor Wiki: http://arborwiki.org/city/Border_to_Border_Trail

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