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Weekly Menu: June 15 – 22

This is my menu for the next week. Tim is out of town in Seattle for work, so I’m inviting anyone who wants to come by for dinner to drop on in! I have also added below where I got the ingredients from. I try to get everything I can from the Farmer’s Market, then the People’s Food Co-op, and for things I cannot get there, like meats or some fruits, I go to Sparrow Market or Monahan’s. I have a really heavy walk home to the car after all of that, but it is worth it.

Tuesday, June 15: falafel, hummus, pita bread– all hand-made. Chickpeas for falafel and hummus were bought in PFC bulk bin and soaked overnight.
Wednesday, June 16: shrimp stir-fry with brown rice, zucchini, asparagus– Shrimp from Monahan’s, brown rice from bulk bin at WF, zucchini from Farmer’s Market, Asparagus from PFC
Thursday, June 17: soba or udon soup– everything from Tsai Grocery
Friday, June 18: baked salmon, french couscous (red curry flavor), asparagus– salmon from WF, couscous from WF bulk bins, asparagus from PFC
Saturday, June 19: black bean burger, sweet potato wedges–beans from unknown (current stock in pantry), sweet potatoes from PFC
Sunday, June 20: baked chicken, orzo with parmesan, broccoli–chicken from Sparrow Market, Orzo from PFC bulk bins, broccoli from Farmer’s Market
Monday, June 21: spaghetti, garlic bread– sauce and noodles from Pasta e Pasta (local in Chesterfield, MI)
Tuesday, June 22: Thai chicken curry (Mussaman), with potatoes, carrots, & peanuts–Curry paste from Tsai Grocery, potatoes & carrots from PFC, peanuts from WF bulk bins, Rice from Tsai Grocery (GIANT bag)

*photo from limaoscarjuliet on Flickr

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