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County Farm Park

When I lived on Medford, I was lucky to have the County Farm Park not even a quarter mile from my house. The Medford Road entrance was only about eight houses away! It is a pretty sweet place to go on a nice day–lots of runners/joggers/walkers, people with dogs, and lots of trees, flowers, plants, and the occasional bunny or squirrel. When my friend Lisa visited back in the end of April, we took a morning walk there on a very dew-y Sunday morning.

It has three different trails to walk: two packed stone paths–one at a half mile long and the other at just over a mile, as well as a 1.5 mile (?) dirt trail that has the exercise stations along it. Also, one of my favorite parts is that it is home to some of the Project Grow community gardens. There are a couple of different parks in Ann Arbor with these Project Grow gardens, but I have only seen them at County Park. I wish I had the time to rent a plot of land in one of these. It would be a really good project for a local elementary school to do and then donate all their food.

Myself (left) and Lisa busy showing off our sweet rain boots

**all pictures taken by Lisa!**

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