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Spice Merchants

Spice Merchants in Kerrytown shops is one of those places that, by the time I finally went in, I had walked past a dozen times and never went in for some reason. I ventured in there with my friend Lisa a little while back thinking it would be the perfect place to get a dry rub for the roasted chicken we were going to make for dinner that night.


We got the Tuscan blend in a baggie which was just enough to go over the 4 pound chicken we got. Just rubbed some olive oil on the chicken then sprinkled the spice blend on.

It also has a good size wall of loose teas as well. I knew I wanted some the second that I saw it. I picked out, based on smell alone, 2 ounces of a caffeine-free rooibos called Orange Creamsicle. Its smell reminds me of the Flintstones push-ups pops I used to get when I was little.

Didn’t I just mention spice bulk bins in People’s Food Co-op? Yea…. however, I do intend to go to Spice Merchants for some things. They have a lot of different varieties of spices and rubs that aren’t at regular stores. I mean, seriously, there are 26 different kinds of pepper listed on their website.

Oh, and some pictures, of course. Compliment of Lisa.

A Line-Up of Some of the Spices

Smell first, then buy

A Very Colorful Tea

Recipe for home-made carnival food? Would love to try!

  1. g
    June 18, 2010 at 09:07

    I love the DOF in the first picture 🙂

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