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Briarwood Dollar Movies Closes

Looks like no more dollar movies at Briarwood Mall anymore. I don’t know if I’ll miss it or not. I have been pretty particular about what movies I see (and I usually go to Quality 16 on Jackson) and have only gone to the Dollar Movies a couple of times. It was okay though, cheap tickets & giant sodas, at the expense of uncomfortable chairs and the stickiest floors that you’d never put your purse on (for fear of it being permanently stuck).

With the cost of rent at a mall like Briarwood, it is kind of hard to imagine that a dollar theater would be able to pay that much money, especially for 5 years. The article does say they were paying a discount lease, but still. That’s not why it closed, it got forced out since Briarwood found a new tenant (MC Sports–those are still around?), but still.

Can’t blame the mall management though. If you’ve got someone that will pay full rent for a spot that the incumbent renter is paying discounted rent, it makes perfect sense.

Dollars movies fill that awkward gap between ‘not at the big theater anymore’ and ‘can’t watch on Netflix or download yet.’ It sucks that it is gone, but it really doesn’t suck THAT much.

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