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Halfway There

July! Halfway to 2011! Halfway to temperatures that don’t make me melt or take multiple showers some days! Halfway to skiing!

Anyways… enough celebrating. We spent almost a week in the UP, and now I am back in Ann Arbor. The UP really makes me wish I had a different life. I want to live on a farm, grow zucchini, learn to weave baskets, crochet dish towels… you get the idea. Tim took me to the Keweenaw Food Co-op, which was super sweet, with everything I might need to sustain myself, that I somewhat did not think you could find north of the bridge.

This week has been a bit of catching up. We’ve been doing very well at eating at home, except we rode our bike to Fleetwood for breakfast on Sunday. Ate way too much food and then had to ride back home. It worked out better than driving because Plymouth Road is all sorts of messed up. I heard that is lasting until SEPTEMBER 3RD!!!!

In more exciting and less aggravating news, the Michigan Cottage Food Law, HB 5837 was signed into law by Governor Granholm yesterday at Growing Hope in Ypsi. So now, as long as you make less than $15K a year from your goods, you can now sell them (non-temperature controlled foods, see the site) without having an inspected kitchen. Pretty sweet. I just wish there were more baked goods at the Farmer’s Market that weren’t individually wrapped in saran wrap. I can bring a container, really I can!

Also, last night, Tim and I ventured downtown to go see No Impact Man at the Michigan Theater. I’ve been a casual peruser to his blog for a little bit now, but I thought the documentary was a good overview of his work and in the time line that it was done (since the actual project has been over for a while now).

It was a really good look into this project and I’m glad I got to go see it on a big screen.

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