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…great success?

I have successfully brought my lunch to work for 11 of 12 days so far this month. My lunch group at work is trying to keep this up. I’m actually really good at bringing a lunch as long as I have other people to eat with and be accountable to.

Also aside from a trip to Outback Steakhouse last week, we’ve also been doing really well at eating dinner at home. Last night I made a pork roast with the citrus rub from Spice Merchants and I bought some spices and made my own taco seasoning for tacos Monday night. Tuesday had spaghetti from Pasta e Pasta in Chesterfield, MI with sauce from Al Dente Pasta in Whitmore Lake, MI. Tonight is leftovers and we have a TON of pork roast leftover, despite using some of it in a red pepper/zucchini/corn stir fry last night.

Since I missed Zumba class last Saturday I will be going twice this week–on Friday for a make-up class and on Saturday for the normal class. I’m also tossing the idea around of paying the drop-in fee and going on Sunday as well.

Tim got his commuter bike all finished so we’ll be able to ride downtown to the Farmer’s Market and go shopping together actually. Hopefully the extra basket doesn’t make us just buy more stuff.

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