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New Endeavours

Busy. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy lately. I like to feel as if I have something (read: meaningful) to do.

Mainly, there are two new things that I have been occupying myself with: opening up an Etsy shop and helping out with the Friends of the Ann Arbor Greenway group.

Etsy is sort of like, the eBay of hand-made and vintage ONLY goods. I’m looking at selling crocheted things like washcloths, dish/face scrubbies, gloves, hats, etc. and hopefully will get into card making. I recently made a clutch/wallet that is lined with felt and a coffee mug cozy. I just need to find a good camera to take some pictures with and I’ll be all set to open up shop. I might wait until after the Houghton trip to do so.

The Ann Arbor Greenway is a proposed greenway that would run in the floodplain of Allen Creek in downtown Ann Arbor. The Facebook page is up and running and we have 60 fans so far, but I know we can get more!

An idea of the before & after for one of the areas– 415 W. Washington, south of the YMCA.

Both pictures courtesy of Francesca Caressa and the Allen Creek Greenway Conservancy.

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