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With my Etsy project on hold for the moment, I’ve been spending a lot of my time working Friends of the Ann Arbor Greenway, handling their blog/website, Facebook, fledgling Flickr page, and Gmail account. We’ve been meeting about once a week and one of the things that I really like about it, besides the obvious working on the Greenway, is that I am learning a lot more about Ann Arbor and it’s politics.

We had a really great showing at the Homegrown Festival last month and now we are planning a TBD event for October 17th at the 1st & William lot. More details will be announced on the Facebook page and website as they become available.

The other thing that I have been trying to look at even more closely now is where my food comes from. There are a lot of different ideas about how to get your food responsibly and I think ultimately what is most important to me is distance. Now this doesn’t mean if I lived next door to a Pop-tarts factory that the HFCS-laden breakfast “pastry” would be viable.

I really like the idea of the 100 mile diet. I couldn’t follow this strictly or 100% of the time (No bananas? Oranges? Coffee???? You must be mad.) If you go to their website, you can plot on the map what your 100 mile radius is, and I still get surprised every time that I see it. I could get beer from Bell’s if I wanted to. There is a shrimp farm in Okemos. You can get beef, pork, poultry (chicken & turkey), AND buffalo all in Washtenaw county. Local Harvest told me I can drive a few miles down the road and buy eggs off some lady’s porch (and I did).

This just my list that I can think up of what I get from within 100 miles:
bacon, sausage, pork roasts, eggs, bread (multiple kinds), yogurt, lettuce, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, grapes, flour, all kinds of berries, cauliflower, green beans, onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms (and grow-it-yourself kits for them) etc, etc. Add to that the ridiculous amount of vegetables that my palate rejects.

Thanks to Eden Organics I can even get my canned beans and soy milk in the grocery stores through their distribution center in Tecumseh, Michigan and grown very close to that 100 mile radius (soy beans from the Thumb and the beans from Indiana if I remember correctly. I talked to them for a while at their stand at the Homegrown Festival).

Breakfast is really easy on this plan! Eggs, soy milk, bread, and Maple Syrup all from Washtenaw County. You can have bacon and eggs if you want them. Toast with Jam? No problem. Unfortunately my yogurt is not from Washtenaw County (it’s from Henderson, MI in Shiawasee County).

With that, here is my menu for the next coming week. If only I could get rice grown in Michigan….

Weekly Menu:
Sunday- Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Blush Sauce, Garlic Bread
Ravioli and Sauce from Pasta e Pasta in Chesterfield, MI and shokupan (Japanese style white bread) from Cafe Japon in Ann Arbor)
Monday-stir fry with green beans, broccoli, & corn
Green beans and broccoli from Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Tuesday- Red Lentil Daal with Brown Rice (recipe)
Tomatoes, garlic, and onions from Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Wednesday- Leftover curry
Thursday- Black bean burger, couscous, and corn on the cob
Beans from Eden Organic (based in Tecumseh, MI), corn from Farmers Market
Friday- not sure yet, Ann Arbor Greenway meet up at 5:30pm at Kerrytown Sweetwaters

Oh, and lastly, I’m about 99% sure that I am going to be running in Phi Sigma Pi’s 13th Annual Pi Mile up at MSU on October 24th. Even though I spent 3 Falls in PSP, either as an initiate or a Brother, I never actually ran in the race… although I have stood outside in the rain in squishy grass and written everyone’s times down. Let’s hope this goes well.

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  1. September 28, 2010 at 10:42

    You had me at shokupan! One of my favorite grocery stores is an Asian Market near my house. The food isn’t anywhere near a 100 mile diet but I love keeping a little grocery in business for hopefully another 25 years.

    Besides I can buy my soy sauce by the gallon can and my rice by the huge bag!

  2. shortystylee
    September 29, 2010 at 16:48

    I love shokupan! If you’ve never used it for French toast I definitely recommend it. We have a great Asian grocer by our house– my life would be sad without dashi stock and frozen dumplings šŸ™‚

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