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Weekly Menu 10/3 to 10/8

I try to make a menu every week so that I know what I need to get when I am shopping and also so that when I get home after work I don’t just stare longingly in the fridge abyss. Being increasingly concerned about where my food comes from, this also helps me to really think about what I want to eat each day and saves me from going to places where I can’t make good choices (Wendy’s, I’m looking at you!)

Weekly Menu

Sunday, October 3rd
Lamb Stew with Pasta, from Better Homes & Gardens cookbook
Lamb: Hannewald Lamb Company- Stockbridge, MI (29 miles)
Onion, Green beans, & carrots: Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Mushrooms (within 120 miles local), sundried tomatoes, bow tie pasta, tomato sauce: People’s food Co-op

Monday, October 4th
Stir fry with White Rice
Rice: Tsai Grocery
Cauliflower, Summer squash, zucchini, onion: Farmers Market
Soy Sauce: bulk bin at People’s Food Co-op

Tuesday, October 5th
Black Bean Burgers with potato wedges, corn + peas
Beans: Eden Organics, distribution center in Tecumseh, beans grown in Indiana (IIRC)
Potatoes: Farmers Market
Peas and Corn: People’s Food Co-op

Wednesday, October 6th
Shepherd’s Pie
Ground beef: from 1/4 cow we bought from Tim’s uncle’s farm. Cedar, MI (254 miles) near Traverse City
Potatoes, Green beans: Farmers Market
Butter: Minerva, OH (222 miles). I noticed that they had Calder Dairy butter, so I’ll get this next time.
Peas and Corn: People’s Food Co-op

Thursday, October 7th
Leftovers!! (wooo exciting, I know).

Friday, October 8th
Garlic Parsley Fettucine Noodles & Rustic Roasted Garlic Sauce
Both from Al Dente Pasta of Whitmore Lake, MI (10 miles)

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