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Your failboat has arrived.

Ugh. I feel like I really need to get my normal lunch group at work back on the bringing lunch in track. Work is just so frustrating sometimes that by the time lunch rolls around my only desire is to not be in that office any longer. The lunch hour is enough to just walk out, sit somewhere else, eat lunch, and complain, commiserate.

Dinner at home is always good. Even if we go out to eat for dinner, the last two times since I decided on my “sustainable meat only” change, I can pick a place where I know I can get something that I am okay with eating (went to Olive Garden and got Portobello Ravioli, and got tortilla soup and bean tacos at Qdoba.). This past weekend I visited my friend Dave and his family back in Shelby Twp, which was no problem since he is vegetarian.

One of the things that is hard with eating out is that I feel as if in order to get something meatless, I almost inevitably need to chose a dish with dairy, which I also want to avoid. Lactose-free flexitarian? Is that what you would call my goal? (Ovo-vegetarian who cheats when she finds it morally compelling? LOL.) Anyways….

Work is the hardest ever. I haven’t done well once so far this week and I feel like a failure. Is it really that hard? We have a lunch spreadsheet at work that we made up a month ago of acceptable, OK, and unacceptable places for some of us when we decide to go. I feel like I need to go and change a lot of my acceptable and OK places to unacceptable because there is simply nothing that I can choose there that does not involve meat.

Did I mention that I don’t eat raw vegetables? I really wish that I liked them, but I cannot stand that crunchy texture.

I really need to get out ALL eating out, but I know I cannot.

No go: Chili’s, Applebee’s, Outback, any sub/sandwich places, Buffalo Wild Wings (my life filled with sadness when I just typed that, btw).

Pretty good: Qdoba, Noodles, No Thai, or any other Thai, Mongolian BBQ.

I really just need to get hooked on Seva and the Earthen Jar and then I can be all set for eating out when I want to. Work is still a challenge. I am such a cave-in when everyone is going out to lunch and I’ve had a frustrating morning (read: everyday).

Ugh. This post really had no thought process. Just rambling.

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