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Weekly Menu 10/9 to 10/15

Saturday, October 9th
Breakfast: Large Iced Soy Chai & Lemon Bar (picture below) from Cafe Verde
Lunch: Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread (Ed’s Bread from Saline, MI – 15 miles), with Muenster cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, and avocado
Dinner: Went to my friend Amanda’s going away party/her sister’s birthday party. Had kind of a smattering of food– a couple cocktail shrimps, a deviled egg, about half a slice of pita bread with a little hummus, some chips and salsa, then two pieces of baked chicken, a breadstick, and fruit salad. I brought over chips from Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory (7.2 miles) and two salsas that I canned, deviled eggs made with eggs from Ernst Farm in Ann Arbor (18 miles), and pita bread made with stone ground wheat from Ernst Farm as well. The hummus was from People’s Food Co-op, I didn’t have the time to make any myself yesterday…. the eggs were not cooperating when it came to getting the shells off. They were a hit though, didn’t matter that they were not the prettiest 🙂

Sunday, October 10th
Breakfast: French toast (bread from A-1 Jellies and Bakeries, Homer MI, 64 miles & Eggs from Ernst Farms, 18 miles). We have some pretty good real maple syrup that we get in bulk, but I’ve been having this Cranberry-Lemon Conserve (has whole cranberries & split pecans in it) that we got from the monks that run the JamPot near Copper Harbor, MI. Oh, and a banana and a cup of Roosroast’s Rich French Neighbor. (picture below)
Lunch: Maybe some leftover Shepherd’s Pie or another sandwich, not sure 🙂
Dinner: Pasta and sauce from Al Dente Pasta in Whitmore Lake, MI (10 miles); with Italian sausage from Ernst Farms

Monday, October 11th
Oven Roasted Cauliflower (Farmer’s Market) and Quinoa

Tuesday, October 12th
Yakisoba with Rosewood Tofu (8 miles) and assorted veg from the Farmers Market

Wednesday, October 13th
Black Bean Burgers and Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese
Black beans from Eden Organics (26 miles), Whole wheat flour from Ernst Farms (18 miles), Soy Milk from EdenSoy (26 miles), and Butter from Minerva, OH (222 miles)

Thursday, October 14th
Leftovers! I may be going to a Slow Food Huron Valley meet-up at the Grange this day.

Friday, October 15th
Red Curry with potatoes and carrots, white rice
Potatoes and carrots from Farmer’s Market

Lemon Bar and Iced Soy Chai at People’s Food Co-op

French Toast, Cranberry Lemon Conserve, Banana, Coffee

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