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Weekly Menu, a few other points

Weekly Menu
In no particular order, since I cannot find the sheet I originally wrote all this down on….

—Roasted Cauliflower and Quinoa
—Spaghetti and Leftover Al Dente Sauce w/ sausage
—Bean Burgers with Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese (soy milk, no butter)
—Japanese style curry with stew beef, potatoes, & carrots (two days)
—Yakisoba with tofu and broccoli

Sunday Breakfast

Maybe I need to have something out of the ordinary one of these days for breakfast instead of french toast. It is one of the easiest things for us to make since we always have bread, eggs, and soy milk hanging out here. I’m also in love with the yogurt I buy at the farmer’s market.

it keeps you running

I’ve been running a lot more lately and this is the farthest that I’ve been able to go. Yes, I know that 4 miles in 50 minutes means that I am slow. I am aware. It is better than sitting on my couch.

obligatory cute kitty picture
Never spend money on cat toys. Clearly an empty cat food bag is a fortress of doom in the cat world.

last, but not least…
The sidewalk outside of my apartment is NOT a driveway.
If you need to park your car on the sidewalk to carry your stuff into your apartment (when you’re not moving) you clearly need to not buy so much crap.

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