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This will be random. I’m random. I write about the food I eat, exercising, stuff in Ann Arbor, etc. You don’t need to agree.

In general…
-I’m 24. I live in Ann Arbor and work for an automotive supplier. I went to MSU and I have a BA in Japanese. I passed JLPT (Japanese proficiency test) level 2. I ride my bike to work. My husband is 18 inches taller than I am. Caffeine has no effect on me. It is 9:39pm and I am drinking a dark French roast.

Not polite dinner conversation…
-Some would say that I am a bleeding heart liberal. I’d say they’re right. I think that too many people use religion as a crutch. Religion has no place in public schools and government. I am fiscally liberal, however, I don’t feel the need to follow these issues. You can’t take it with you, wherever you think you’re going. I don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance. There are too many things I don’t agree with to pledge my allegiance to anything.

-I love buying food and spices for bulk bins. My kitchen has around 99% unprocessed foods. I am working on only eating meat from animals that I know where raised humanely and in a sustainable manner. I believe that a farm’s practices are more important that if they are certified organic (many small companies/farms cannot afford this). I believe that you should eat as close to home as possible, including growing your own food. Victory gardens! I try not to consume milk products (I fail a lot at this). Over two-thirds of the meals I eat in a week at vegetarian/vegan. When we buy a house, I plan to tear up the grass and plant all vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Not caring how your food gets to your plate is irresponsible.

I really do some fun things….
-I like to crochet, exercise, dance, and so forth. I love pay-by-the-ounce frozen yogurt shops. I love Eddie Izzard, Star Wars, Sin City, musicals, and indie dramadies. I am out of the closet about my love for Top 40. I can hear a song once and know the words forever. I wish I looked as good in a deep V-neck as Jillian Michaels. I like to travel and love being in big cities. Love trains and subway rides, and mass-transit overall.

There is more, but this is a good overview.

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  1. October 25, 2010 at 07:20

    I love this post- random is good! Hey when you’re next around c-bus give us a holler; have you ever been to a restaurant called north star here? It’s very vegan-hipster-jess&tim-esque! We should go next tume you’re around. And, speaking of being around, Justin & I will be up in your neck of the woods next weekend! Are you guys free?

  2. shortystylee
    October 25, 2010 at 19:20

    I think we’re pretty free next weekend, especially on Saturday. We have a cooking class next Sunday in the afternoon (Tropical Indian Dinner!). I’ll have Tim talk to Justin, hopefully we can get dinner:D

  3. October 25, 2010 at 20:24

    Awesome! Look forward to seeing you!

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