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Blender Adventures

Drove the car to work today in fear of the storm-pocalypse (which never really occurred) then ran a couple miles after work. Tonight I got to try out my new cute mini food processor as well as break out the sometimes forgotten blender.

Just look at how cute it is!!

I made the Red Lentil with Lemon soup from Orangette.

Ingredients beforehand:

I used my mini food prep machine to chop the onions and the carrots. No room in the dishwasher, so I just rinsed it out really well and let it dry in the rack. One of the good things about cooking vegetarian/vegan? No worries about raw meat residue on stuff!

When it came time to blend about half the soup, I knew the mini food processor wouldn’t cut it, so I broke out the blender. Even had to stand on a chair to get it down. Used a measuring cup and pour a good amount of HOT soup into the blender, put the lid on, and hit puree.

Let’s just say I made a BIG mess and had to clean soupiness off most of the kitchen objects in the general vicinity. I stayed away from the “puree” button after that and stayed to “chop”.

After all of the adventure, it ended up being really yummy. I added about twice as much garlic as the recipe called for, some red pepper flakes, and about a tablespoon of paprika. No picture of the final product though. It’s a very orange-y looking soup. Probably wouldn’t get a good picture with the iPhone.

Also amazing tonight, ROCKY HORROR GLEE! So awesome. Very nostalgic for sing-a-longs in my friend Megan’s basement in 9th grade–knew all the words then, and I still do now 😛

I need to add a few event dates to my calendar:
Thursday November 4th: Washtenaw Biking & Walking Coalition meeting
Monday November 15th: Think Local First Annual Meeting

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