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Upcoming Events

Wednesday November 3rd: Work dinner at the Gandy Dancer

I really need to figure out what I can eat there. Last time I had a (very tasty yet…) fish so unsustainable it makes me feel bad now. Blackened. With crab topping. Garlic Mashed Potatoes. New England Clam Chowder. Shared Dynamite Scallops, Buffalo Rock Shrimp, Sicilian Calamari apps. Key Lime Pie + coffee for dessert. Full for about three days.

Thursday November 4th: Washtenaw Biking & Walking Coalition meeting

I’ve never been to one of these meetings before- I’ve only been to the Corner Brewery once for an Ubuntu release party. I’m interested in seeing what the speakers have to say and also for the black bean burger. And also possibly the Spinach, Artichoke, & Feta Dip.

Monday November 15th: Think Local First Annual Meeting

I need to remember to cancel my haircut at the Aveda school to go to this. It is at the Vitosha Guest House… which reminds me as an amalgamation of Hobbit houses and the Dwight Shrute beet farm bed & breakfast.

There are some other things I wish I could go to. I am thinking about going to the Pittsfield Grange meeting about the Michigan Cottage Food Law. There is also a Growing Hope potluck that I’m missing, but luckily those are once a month.

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