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Red & Green

Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage and Rustic Roasted Garlic Sauce

pasta: bulk bins at People’s Food Co-op
Italian sausage: Ernst Farms (Farmer’s Market Stand)
Rustic Roasted Garlic Sauce: Al Dente Pasta, Whitmore Lake MI.

I really like Ernst Farms and what I have been able to buy from them– Italian sausage, eggs, stone ground wheat. This year I have pre-ordered a turkey from them to bring to my Gramma’s house for Thanksgiving (that way I don’t feel guilty about eating a turkey whose origins I don’t know). I am a little bit worried about Christmas time, so maybe I will have to bring one again then.

To bring the green part into this, last week I almost got into an argument with someone about whether or not the Keurig coffee maker is wasteful or not. Really? It’s a coffee make that can only make one serving of coffee and leaves behind a little plastic cup and some foil lid each time. Of course this is wasteful. I get it, you’re not wasting a pot of coffee on just yourself, but you’re making more mess doing it.

I googled and I googled and I could not find any source online (at least after a good 30 minutes of looking…) that told me definitively what plastic the cups are made from. The other person’s argument is that they had the “number and arrows” on the bottom so it is recyclable. I did see one at Target on Saturday, but the box of coffee was resealable so I didn’t open it.

Let’s get some facts out there:
1.) “Number and arrows” does not equal recyclable. This means that it is made of plastic and number denotes the type of plastic that it is.
2.) Not all recycling programs take all types of plastic. Most take #1 and #2 (think soda bottles) only. Some take #5 (ex: yogurt tubs).
3.) Just because you put it in your recycling bin, does not mean that it gets recycled.

We’re lucky in Ann Arbor that our recycling program takes almost all types, with the exception of #3. However, most are not like this (ours just changed very recently and became single-stream).

There is a reason why “reduce” and “reuse” come before “recycle” in that little saying–they are the first options you should look at, before recycling.

Needless to say, I don’t think we will be getting a Keurig Coffee thing. We already have an industrial coffee maker (that makes about 10 cups at once) and a countertop hot water heater.

Now to get the styrofoam cups, plastic silverware, etc. out of the office kitchen.

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