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There are a number of different types of blogs that I read:

-healthy eating/weight loss
-food blogs/local eating
-people I know, of course

Added to that is now: minimalist lifestyle blogs.

You know, those people that live with like, 50 things. 57 things. 100 things.

Or, perhaps a bit more realistically, people that think about the purchases they make. Quality over quantity.

One (guest) post that came across my RSS feed today really made sense to me: Why DO we keep the stuff we don’t use hidden away in plastic tubs? Why do I have so much stuff?

Thoughts like this have been floating around my head a lot lately, so I’m trying to pare down some of the stuff that I have. Some of the stuff I have recently gotten around to getting rid of….

-two bags of winter clothes (sweaters, button down, polo, fuzzy socks, some hats and scarves). I mailed them to my friend Lisa in Lansing.
-went through my jewelry and got rid of some stuff that was given to me but I never got around to wearing
-picked out a bunch of books to donate to the Ann Arbor library

I don’t have any want to get down to a certain number of possessions, but it would be nice to have less crap…. especially for next time we move 🙂

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