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Menu, Mongolian, Mine

…in no particular order…

1.) bean burgers and herb scalloped potatoes
2.) BBQ Tofu, Stir-fried greens, corn
3.) chickpea cutlets, garlic mashed potatoes
4.) curry quinoa, roasted cauliflower- normal and romanesco (fractals! math!)
5.) stir fry with broccoli, carrots, corn
6.) pasta with marinara sauce

I’m trying out a bunch of recipes from The Veganomicon this week. We’ve got the marinara sauce, chickpea cutlets, stir fried greens, BBQ tofu, and herbed scalloped potatoes.

Also, I started writing this on the WordPress iPhone app and it correctly predicted “Veganomicon”… I wonder what that says about the typical Apple programmer.

Last night was some Mongolian BBQ out in Canton. Tip: if you want the vegetarian bowl, make sure tell the server that you are. It’s $2 less.

We headed out to the Farmers’ Market and People’s Food Co-op this morning to get groceries. We stopped at Sweetwaters in Kerrytown for a little bit of breakfast since Northside Grill was packed.

Attractive, no?

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