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Westboro Counter Protest in East Lansing

The Westboro Baptist Church decided to come and make their rounds in Michigan yesterday and one of their stops was at East Lansing High School. According to the flyer for the protest it was brought on by some ELHS students that wrote to the church about their disdain for their activities. Only 3 members of the “church” showed up, but then again there are only about 75 members total, if I recall correctly.

I got invited to a couple of different counter-protest activities on Facebook last week and finally decided that I should just take the day off and go up there. There ended up being a HUGE event co-sponsored by the All-Saints Episcopalian Church and its next-door neighbor, a Unitarian church, held in the All-Saints parking lot on Abbot road.

There was a lot of food, supplies to create your own signs, a DJ booth, and about 600 or so people hanging out and having a good time. It doesn’t matter than there were only 3 people total from the WBC- the main threat with a group like that is not their physical presence, but the ideology that they represent.

From the State News and Lansing State Journal:
Anti-gay Protesters Picket in East Lansing
Students, Community Protest Westboro Picket

I tried to get pictures of the signs that I enjoyed the most, particularly the “God hates socks + sandals” sign (which is very very true). There were some other great ones too:

-“I like tea, and you’re kind of ruining it”
-“Isn’t this the line for Justin Bieber tickets?” next to “Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh”
-“God hates Voldemort”
-“Jesus hung out with 12 dudes and a prostitute. He was more like us than you.”
-“If God hates fags then why did then why did he make us so cute?”

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