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Better Planning

So I guess I didn’t think very well last week when I made my weekly menu. I didn’t think about food for Tim on Monday, or the fact that neither of us would be home for dinner on Thursday.

Weekly Menu

1.) Stir Fry with red pepper, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower
2.) Pasta with Marinara sauce from Veganomicon
3.) Chickpea cutlets (Veganomicon), either Mashed potatoes or baked wedges, roasted romanesco
4.) Thai red curry with veggies

That should take us to around Wednesday evening, when we are taking the turkey we’re getting from Ernst Farm out to my Gramma’s. Not sure what will be for dinner on Wednesday night… but there is a Thai restaurant out in the Shelby Township area that a lot of my friends have been talking about on Facebook. It’s called Khom Fai and the whole menu is on the Facebook page/website. It looks like a normal Thai place…. but I know if I go to Bangkok on Rochester Road I know I’ll want to eat about five pounds of those shrimp cracker things.

Today we had French toast as a quick breakfast and then I headed out to the farmer’s market and food co-op. Lunch was just some leftovers: mezzaluna pasta from Carraba’s last night, quinoa, corn, and roasted romanesco cauliflower from last week.

Tim was sleeping this afternoon so I went for a run at the apartment gym and now I’m gonna start making some stir fry for dinner 🙂

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