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Thanksgiving, Take One

Our Thanksgiving adventure started yesterday morning when I went by the Farmers Market to pick up the turkey I ordered from Ernst Farm (where I usually get bacon, sausage, and flour from). The turkey I ended up getting was 17 pounds. We usually have a larger one, I guess, but 17 pounds was still rather awkwardly heavy to lug the couple of blocks to the car.

After we got out of work, we headed out with turkey in tow to my Shelby Twp. We dropped the turkey off at my Gramma’s and stopped at Khom Fai, a Thai restaurant next to Hamlin Pub at 22 & Hayes for dinner. It was really good–your normal Thai food you’d expect and it was only around $20 for two of us. I had a veggie spring roll (love love love) and Pad Woonsen – a dish with the clear noodles, fried tofu, mushrooms, pea pods, broccoli, carrots, napa cabbage, and celery and water chestnuts (which I avoided).

Afterwards, we stopped in at my friend’s house and hung around with his mom for a couple of hours. Is that weird? I have a lot of friends that it is perfectly normal to stop over to hang out with their parents when they are not there.

One of my goals for Thanksgiving was to actually get some exercise in, especially because I would not have any time on Wednesday. So I was up at 6:30am Thursday morning and up and out for a run around my Gramma’s neighborhood at 7:15am. I ended up running for 40 minutes and did 3.7 miles (I mapped it out on Google maps a minute ago). Some math tells me that this is 10:32 minutes miles, aka 5.7mph. I usually run on the treadmill at anywhere between 5.2 and 5.5mph so that sounds pretty good to me. I made two really quick stops, once to change music and once to take a picture of a new friend.

A little pre-run banana

And a new froggy friend…

I got back to the house, took a quick shower, and then Tim and I picked up my friend Megan to go to Starbucks for some breakfast. There was soy milk all around for the three of us! Seriously, cow’s milk is grossss. Think about where that comes from. Ugh.

Oatmeal and Soy Chai

We had the regular Thanksgiving dinner at Gramma’s house later this afternoon. Well, later meaning 3:30pm. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, biscuits, cranberry from a jar (LOL), stuffing, and the little tray of pickles that I don’t touch. We don’t do fancy or impressive for our Thanksgiving…. Christmas…. or Easter. It’s just how we are.

Turkey leg for me! Muahahahaha, all mine 😛

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