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Time to Change: Food Safety Bill S510

While sitting at my desk and eating my lunch, I’m catching up on the recent passing of the Food Safety Bill S510 by the Senate. Both Michigan senators, Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow voted yes, so that is a good point for the Mitten. I wouldn’t want to have a Senator in my state vote against his constituents having safer food.

How did your Senator vote?

As I’m eating my whole wheat penne pasta with sauce made with organic fire-roasted tomatoes from a BPA-free can and fake beef soy crumbles…. I can’t help but remember that I was not always this way. Junior high was the first time I was actually given a choice about what to eat for lunch and the first time there were choice outside of the one entree hot lunch line.

And what did I choose? A Countrytime Lemonade and a Twix bar. No wonder why I was such a bitchy 8th grader. In high school came the the Mountain Dew, 99cent giant cookies, and popcorn chicken. Or, nothing at all for lunch.

How do you change? How did I change? How did I start thinking that we need to reform school lunches and shouldn’t allow soft drink vending machines in schools? How did the person that put off taking that mandatory semester of gym until spring of senior year start to think that we need phys. ed mandatory every semester? I don’t know really know.

All I know is that there comes a time when you have to start to give a crap.

… and with that, here is my lunch:

Penne pasta w/ ‘meat’ sauce
Strawberry Fruit leather
and a shameless ad for Real Time Farms


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