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School Lunch Reform: 6 cents?

My Twitter feed has been taken over by food politics lately, both from the Food Safety Bill and the School Nutrition Bill. I’m okay with that. I can’t believe that the government reimbursement for school lunches hasn’t changed since 1973…. and it’s only going up 6 cents per student! I know everything is bought in bulk, but I can’t imagine that the extra 6 cents is going to help very much, the the extra money even gets to the lunches or is consumed somewhere else along the line in overhead, bonuses, whatever.

The last time I was in an elementary school it was to vote, and before that it was probably 12 years ago, so it is difficult to really remember lunch. This blog might help, if you’ve forgotten too. I was lucky enough to have my lunch packed for me by my Gramma, everyday, as long as I wanted it. It might not have always been healthy (I was really picky), but at least it was “real” food. The real problem is that not all families can afford to send their kids to school with a lunch and often depend on the school for discounted or free breakfasts and lunches. Hopefully they’ll be able to pass a version of the School Lunch Reform that doesn’t take away from the food stamps program, either.

If you want to follow this on Twitter, @Appetite4Profit is a good person to start with.

Update, 12/2/2010: Republicans block child nutrition bill — The first paragraph makes them sound like mean, old men. Oh wait, that is because they are mean, old men.

  1. December 2, 2010 at 06:17

    as a kid when I complained about lousy choices for school lunches, my mom always said, “If you think that’s bad, when I was a kid I had to take a cold egg sandwich to school every day.” When I finally remembered to ask my mamaw about it, she said cold egg sandwiches were the only thing my mom wanted to eat! If we don’t spend the money to ensure all kids get some decent meals at least during the school hours, we’ll pay even more in the long run. Hungry, malnourished students will not learn well in school and may end up dependent on the system as adults.

  2. shortystylee
    December 2, 2010 at 09:55

    Exactly! Of course there are schools that go above and beyond– some in low-income areas will send kids home with a backpack of food for the weekend since they might not get any at home. Many of our eating habits are developed and solidified when we are young, so it is especially important to back up these habits with proper nutrition in the schools.

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