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Weekend Catch-Up

Taking some time to catch up on meals over the last couple of days.

Breakfast at Northside Grill
-scrambled eggs
-wheat toast
-hash browns

Lunch Scavenged from Meijer
-whole wheat roll
-roasted red pepper hummus
-fruit juice smoothie… thing

Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning I was up in East Lansing for Phi Sigma Pi Induction ceremony and party. My family went out to Bravo! in Eastwood Towne Center for dinner. My dinner was good but the vegetarian selection was surprisingly not so good for a restaurant like that… not even a “normal” spaghetti dish. I think some of the only non-meat dishes were eggplant based. Sorry, I don’t like eggplant in my Italian food. I ended up having the Pasta Bravo without chicken.

Sunday was the night for the roaster chicken I got from my mom… however I was not completely sure if it was going to be thawed out since I called on my way home from East Lansing to ask Tim to start thawing it. In the end it was nicely thawed and ready to go at 5pm. We had a late lunch at Panera so a late dinner was in the works too.

Fancy Schmancy Sunday Dinner
-Roasted chicken with Citrus Rub from Spice Merchants
-Corn & Peas
-Israeli couscous with Indian curry powder

The leftovers from the chicken made a GREAT lunch today. It’s also going to get made into chicken noodle soup and then chicken stock as well. Gotta use up as much of it as I can 🙂

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