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Out of Time

It has been a busy week or so over the holidays. I’m really
glad that they are over.

Up to Flint, down to Shelby Twp, back to Ann Arbor. (24/25)
Back to Flint, Shelby Twp, Ann Arbor (26).
Up to Traverse City to go skiing (27)
Back to Ann Arbor (29).
Downtown Detroit to see Gowtham. (30)

I don’t plan on leaving Ann Arbor for a while now 🙂 We’re heading to the bike
store today to finish paying for Tim’s new mountain bike (bringing the total number of bikes in the apartment up to seven when it is finally delivered) and then we have a reservation for dinner at the Grange in Ann Arbor for their special NYE menu.

Of course I have to take a look and see what I’d like to do next year.

2011 Goals
1.) From November 2009 until now I have gone from 135 pounds down to 112 pounds. 23 pounds lost! I can’t say anything grandiose like “I lost a whole person,” but that’s okay. My goal weight is 100 pounds, so that means I have 12 pounds to go. I want to put a goal date on this, but I don’t think I will. I will, however, note that I am 4 foot 11 inches tall, so this should be pretty attainable (and I’ve been there before in my adult life).

2.) Exercise goals: work out (on my own or with Sarah) five times per week. Start doing some P90X routines, if only to break up some monotony.

3.) Run a 5k (signed up for one in February on Super Bowl Sunday in Novi, MI.)

4.) Run/bike a duathlon (need to work on the running distance part, biking is no problem)

5.) Eat meat only once per day or not at all. Breakfast is always meatless.

6.) Eat dinner out once per week or not at all. Try to choose local restaurants over chains.

7.) Volunteer with Earthworks Urban Farm in Detroit and Growing Hope in

8.) Have my own garden in a Project Grow community garden.

And lastly…..

9.) Continue posting about the yummy food I make and eat, like this:

Clam Chowder (brought to me in a bread bowl by mistake)

Spinach & Artichoke dip (shared with everyone)

Breakfast this morning
steel cut oats made in the rice cooker, with brown sugar, cinnamon, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

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