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Last Meal

Tim and I were lucky enough to be able to have our last meal of 2010 at the Grange Kitchen and Bar (downtown Ann Arbor). I had only been there once before for a Slow Food Huron Valley meet-up, but I knew I had to go there again for some proper dinner fare.

I wish I had been able to take some pictures of the food, however the lighting was a little bit low and good judgment told me not to use the flash on my iPhone.

For the first course, I had venison tartar/duck egg mayo/caraway crackers and Tim had duck liver mousse/onion marmalade on brioche bread. I was really surprised at how much taste the raw venison had. As Tim noted, it is weird how different cooked venison and beef taste, but how similar they both taste raw. The mayo was really good (and I don’t like mayo normally).

I got a Michigan shrimp bisque with poblano pepper & almond pesto and Tim had a caramelized onion and herb tart. I only tried a little bit of the crust of the tart (no onions for me)… however the bisque was very good. I had expected it to actually have shrimp in it, but it was a very light butternut squash colored soup. The pesto fit very well with the light seafood flavor, but it was a little too sharp for me to mix it in the whole soup (I really enjoyed the shrimp-y flavor). And yes, you can get shrimp from within 100 miles of Ann Arbor at the Shrimp Farm Market in Okemos, MI.

For the main course I had pheasant breast, confit spring roll, glazed carrots, and a citrus sweet and sour sauce. AMAZING. I have often said that I could exist eating nothing but spring rolls, and I would have to roll this one into the spring roll repertoire if that happened. I think there was carrots, chard, and maybe leeks in it. Not completely sure, but it was awesome. Tim had braised beef, bone marrow dumplings, and parsnip puree.

I chose a chocolate espresso tart with vanilla (super yum, but super rich) and a cup of RoosRoast Rich French Neighbor coffee.

Nom, nom, nom. Will have to go again 🙂

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