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BeWon Korean Restaurant – Ann Arbor

This past Friday night Tim and I went out for dinner at BeWon Korean Restaurant in Ann Arbor. It is really close to where we live but we’d never been there to dine-in before. I’d actually only had it once as carry out a year or so ago.

It was pretty busy on Friday night, which I thought was great. We only had to wait a minute for a table. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to restaurants and then seeing almost no one there. It makes me very unsure about what I am about to eat.

You won’t be able to find the full menu online (and I tried) so make sure to actually go to the restaurant if you don’t see what you want on the truncated online menus.

We shared a plate of fried dumplings (mandu in Korean?) with an awesome dipping sauce. I am a sucker for homemade dipping sauces, like this or like plum sauce.

I had the Jap Chae as my entree, minus scallions and onions. It was very good and I was glad it was not overly drenched in the sauce. The veggies (cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms) were done just right to my liking, which is a hard thing to do.

Tim ordered some of bi bim bap with beef, and a giant (and perfectly circular!) fried egg that he gifted to me. It also came with a bowl of miso soup, which was a nice little surprise.

And now, for the obvious ban chan appetizer shots:

We got a seaweed salad, grated cucumber, kimchi, egg cakes with zucchini and carrot, sweetened potatoes, and a spicy salad of zucchini and carrot. I always feel so bad that I don’t eat most of this! I’ll eat the egg cakes and potatoes. Kimchi was super spicy (read: I’m a wimp) and I ate about half my rice bowl to douse out the mouth fire, haha.

I was having a HUGE craving for Korean food after watching a certain episode of Bizarre Foods, so I was really happy to have this little restaurant near by. I’ll definitely stop by again when the craving comes back 🙂

BeWon Korean Restaurant
3574 Plymouth Road (Plaza w/ Busch’s Grocery)
Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: (734) 332-1004

Pros: Large menu, with many dishes having vegetarian options. Waiter asked if we had any questions about the dishes 🙂 Pricing is not bad, about $10-$15 for dinners and you get the ban chan appetizers. Great amount of food for the price.

Cons: Took a little while to get our drinks and menu. However, the place was full and our poor waiter had all of the 15 or so tables to himself. No big deal, you can easily tell the difference between someone being swamped and someone ignoring you.


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