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Happy Anniversary!

Well, it was yesterday. Tim and I have been married for three years!

Last year we went to the Gandy Dancer for our anniversary, and this year we headed out to the Grange. We’ll have to find a “G” restaurant again next year too:)

My apologies in advance for the iPhone pictures, it’s all I have and the lighting is a little low there.

Awesome paper flowers!

Our waitress said that these are handmade by a cousin of the head chef. Such a good idea for the winter when fresh flowers are much more expensive.

Two ways to win me over? Serve different types of bread each time I come in and put the butter in adorable little glasses.

Chorizo sausage, blue cheese, dates
These are amazing. I had them at the first Slow Food meet-up I went to and I was ridiculously skeptical at first, since I had never had chorizo, blue cheese, or dates, even separately, let alone all snuggled up together on a little skewer. One of the things I love about this place is that it surprises me with flavors I wouldn’t think I would like. It’s an odd mix of spicy, cheesy, and sweet, but it pairs together very well.

Tim got the Michigan white bean soup, with ham hocks and fried onions. I had a taste of that (and also convinced him to try a chorizo skewer) which was very yummy. It was a little bit like grown up pork and beans. Also, Tim thought that a date was a nut. No joke.

Duroc pork tenderloin, heirloom polenta, greens, and a balsamic dressing
I don’t think I said this earlier, but this meal was the first meat I’d had since last Friday. I’m of the opinion that I chose wisely. Grange tries to source as much of their ingredients locally as possible. Much better than any pork tenderloin I had tried to make, that’s for sure. This was also my first experience with polenta, which is appropriate since the Take Home Chef episode I watched before dinner had polenta in it. …and you can’t go wrong with braised greens!

Filet, Heirloom Polenta, Braised Greens
I had every intention of ordering this, but then Tim decided on it… so I chose the pork. I tried a bite of it, and it was really good (and cooked the way he asked), but I think I made the better choice.

Lemon cake pudding, Calder’s Vanilla Ice Cream
Awesome. I love anything vaguely resembling lemon bars and lemon filling. This was not really a mousse, it had some substance to it and a bit of a give when you touched it, but it was not too solid. A little more pudding-like at the bottom. The ice cream was a nice side, too, and exactly the right amount for someone lactose-ly challenged such as myself.

Coffee Profiteroles, Calder’s Vanilla Ice Cream
Alright, so we had to ask our waitress and then Google it to figure out what the heck a profiterole is. It’s a cream puff. A yummy one 🙂

In the end, it was a long yet very productive anniversary day.
5:15am- wake up
5:45 to 6:30am – on the bike trainer (with Chef Curtis Stone!)
6:30 to 7am – food for the day: Tim’s coffee/breakfast/lunch. My breakfast and lunch.
7am to 7:30am – shower, get dressed, leave for work
8am to 5pm – work
After work – post office, blog, another ride on the trainer (35 min) because all the treadmills were taken 😦 then a shower and off to the above dinner.

Hopefully today will be just as productive.

  1. January 27, 2011 at 12:11

    I haven’t had a cream puff in years. Yum.
    It sounds like you have had trouble with your own pork tenderloin. I like to make it in a dutch oven with broth and spices. If you cook meat in broth (or water) it comes out tender and juicy.

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