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Saturday Planning – 2/6 to 2/12

Planning my menus on Saturday before my grocery shopping trip is my go-to method for keeping organized and saving money by only buying what I need.

With that, here is my meal plan for 2/6/2011 to 2/12/2011, in no particular order.

  • Penne Pasta with Greens
  • Vegetable Soup (recipe forthcoming!)
  • Potato Pancakes
  • Yakisoba with veggies (broccoli, carrots, etc)
  • Leftover Lasagna

Today is yet another Saturday filled with running around. We’ve got to go to the food co-op, Whole Foods, and Great Harvest… then out to Novi to Running Fit to pick up my race packet for tomorrow morning. At least I’m not nearly as nervous about running outside now as I was a few days ago. High of 32F tomorrow!

Also, I’m meeting up tonight with my friend and previous university roommate, Bryan, and we’re going to Tuptim Thai for dinner 🙂 We sort of lost track of each other for the past year or so (it sucks being so busy even when you live in the same city!) so I’m excited to get to hang out with him again.

Now I’ve got to make up the grocery list (the meal list is so much more fun!), ride the bike for a while, and finally get this day started 🙂

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