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Goal Keeper: The Fifth Element

The only way that you can keep your goals is if you keep yourself accountable – not only to yourself but to those around you. That’s why I post my goals on here, that’s why I update my Twitter. Even if no one responds, I feel as if I have an obligation to keep my goals.

Whether good or bad, I’m going to try to check-in on Sundays to go over who my goals when the past Sunday to Saturday. Also, let’s see how long I can come up with cute “number” phrases for the post title.

Random Fun Fact
The Fifth Element, aside from being boron, is a super sweet science fiction movie with Bruce Willis and an extremely cute Milla Jovovich with hunting gear orange hair. Our cat is named Leeloo after her character in the movie!

2011 Goals
1.) Lose 13.5 pounds (from 113.5 to 100 pounds)
Current Weight: ~109 pounds
This was taken Saturday morning. I’ve got some serious super motivation now from signing up for lots of races! I bought Jillian Michael’s Six Week Six Pack DVD and some hand weights from Meijer today and we’ll see what she’ll all about. I watched it today (and didn’t work out) just to see what I was in for. I do many of the moves already with my trainer, so I think it’ll be a good video to work along with at home (as long as the husband isn’t there to watch me!).

2.) Work out five times per week.

  • Sunday: 5k in the morning!
  • Monday: 40 minutes on trainer (morning)
  • Tuesday: 40 minutes on trainer (morning); 2.5 miles (treadmill, afternoon)
  • Wednesday: 5:30pm work out with Sarah (1 hr)
  • Thursday: 45 minutes on trainer (morning); 3.25 miles (treadmill, after work)
  • Friday: Off day!
  • Saturday: 4 mile run on treadmill (morning, 46 minutes, 11:30 pace)

3.) Run a 5k
Done! Completed on 2/6/2011 with a time of 30:48.

4.) Run/bike a duathlon
Thinking about signing up for the Willow Metropark Duathlon. I am actually going to start to look for some duathlons later in the summer… because of some big news I’m dropping below!

5.) Eat meat only once per day or not at all.

  • Sunday: 1
  • Monday: 0
  • Tuesday: 0
  • Wednesday: 0
  • Thursday: 0
  • Friday: 0
  • Saturday: 0

6.) Eat dinner out once per week or not at all.
This week, since I had planned on the disastrous soup not being disastrous and lasting for more than one meal, we ended up eating out twice: Wednesday night at Great Plains Burger Co (very good bean burgers) and Friday night at Gourmet Garden (veg lo mein!).

7.) Volunteer with Earthworks Urban Farm in Detroit and Growing Hope in Ypsilanti.
I’ll be waiting until Spring to start working on these.

8.) Have my own garden in a Project Grow community garden.
Still haven’t heard from Project Grow…. this goal is on hold until then! It’s out of my hands right now whether I can complete this or not.


I’ve signed up for the Free Press Half Marathon!

otherwise known as, I get to run across an international border and through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel under the river.

I’m crazy, but it’s okay. I’ve got 8 months to add 8 more miles to my longest run. Totally do-able. :):)

Also, I’ve been practically meat-free the entire week, save for the ham & cheese soufflé I had at Panera a week ago (they didn’t have the other kinds left, boo hiss…). What’s funny is that we went out to Great Plains Burger Co. for dinner on Wednesday night and I remarked to Tim, while eating my black bean burger, that it has been so long since I’ve had a real hamburger, that I can’t accurately remember what it tastes like. I’m sort of excited about that!

  1. February 14, 2011 at 10:38

    I like how you lay this post out. quite organized. I usually post mines on my wall, (failed to do this for the year so far, too busy) but I was actually considering bringing it to my blog when this year started. I guess I use to live this little private life, but I am much open to share because there is so many great people as myself out there. Congrats on the accomplished 5k, run. I am actually working on running one myself. I am building up first though 1k to 3k, to 5k but not a officially race though, I rather just going running, being a soccer player, but since my injury I have to take it easy.

    Your goal for going out to eat each week is similar to my challenge this year to hit the city (New York City) and shoot photography wherever creativity is and perform at an improv comedy location. I have being failing at this all year, march shall be different I believe.

    I guess we can’t do all of them at once, seeing also you have to wait to get started on a couple yourself. 🙂

  1. February 13, 2011 at 10:29

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