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Two Miles Up

Despite that the weather in Michigan doesn’t look like it thinks that winter is over, now that the big ski trip is finally done, it is over in my mind. I don’t mind that the snow is still here, but there won’t be anymore ski trips this season.

We don’t bring our iPhones with us skiing and we actually don’t have real cameras (like point and shoots or DLSRs) so we don’t have any action shots, but these sum it up a bit nicely 🙂

The Sky Mall Catalog: where you can buy great things, like shoes with sperm on them.

Amanda, Me, Megan. Getting ready to check in to our condo at the Village at Copper

Tim and I at the top of the Super Bee lift at Copper

After going to downtown Denver on Sunday we headed to the airport… only to hang out for three hours, eat some crappy (yet why does it taste so good? Probably the MSG…) Chinese food, we found out that our flight was indeed cancelled!

Bottom of Peak 8, Breckenridge

The earliest flight home was Wednesday night at 7pm so we made a few quick decision and quick phone calls. Booked a hotel in Frisco and a ride on the Colorado Mountain Express shuttle so we could spend the extra two and a half days at Breckenridge.

Over the course of the trip I also got snagged twice by the mountain photographers! We actually pushed out the cash to buy some pictures from them.

This makes me look so much cooler than I actually am!

There isn’t too much else to say. I’m really glad we got the extra days but I am also glad to be back home. So much catch up.

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