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Quinoa Chili & the Kitty

This past Saturday night I stole another recipe from (never home) maker and made her In-a-pinch Chili… with quinoa! I’d never even thought of adding quinoa to chili before as a way to pack in some protein.

It was super easy but my only worry as I was cooking it was that the taste of the vegetable broth was very, well, un-chili-like at first. I added a lot more spices than in the recipe (chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, and red pepper flakes) and in the end you couldn’t tell the taste of the vegetable broth. It was just yummy chili goodness. Also, I used diced garlic tomatoes that I had in the cupboard already instead of whole tomatoes. They cooked down really nicely.

I’ve got a bunch of leftovers so I’m taking some to work for today’s lunch šŸ™‚

Also on the agenda for today’s post, kitty pictures!
In case you didn’t know it, we have a kitty. She doesn’t really have a name… we call her Kitty or Cat. Yup, we’re creative. Her ‘professional’ name is Leeloo Dallas Multipass (or something like that) in tribute to her being orange and Milla Jovovich rocking sweet orange hair in The Fifth Element.

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