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A Long Time Coming, Update Part #3

The last thing that has been keeping me busy lately has been my Project Grow community garden plot.

We couldn’t get into the garden until after the middle of May since it was so rainy… and then the man who usually tills the gardens for everyone was unable to till since it was still so rainy.

It has taken many, many hours of tilling by hand with a pitchfork but I finally have almost all of my plants in.

Brad’s Black Heart (link)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green (link)
Pixie Red Rock (link)
Livingstone Stone (x2) (link)
Amish Paste (x4) (link)
Honor Bright (x2) (link)

Fish (link)
Thai (x2) (link)
Sheepnose Pimento (x4) (link)
Mini Yellow Bell (x4) (link)

All Others
Detroit Cabbage (seed) (link)
Sunset Lettuce (seed) (link)
Henderson Bush Lima Beans
Snow Crown Cauliflower (x6)
Cabbage (x3)
Red Russian Kale (x3)
Kale (x3)
Thai Basil (x3)
Genovese Basil (x3)
Flat Leaf Parsley (x4)

I still have carrots, two different types of beans I got from my garden neighbor, and some Hearts of Gold Melons from the heirloom seed trail.

I added the red lines to easily point out the outline of the plot. This isn’t the most recent picture, I’ve finished those two half rows and added some at the very ends of the walking rows.

I’m heading down to Illinois for work today so no more working on the garden until Tuesday evening 😦

  1. June 6, 2011 at 22:57

    Looks great! I like the variety of vegetables you’ve chosen. I’ve never grown broccoli, cauliflower, nor lima beans. Good luck!

    • shortystylee
      June 9, 2011 at 08:18

      I’ve never grown broccoli or cauliflower before either and I’m quite excited to see them actually forming into the vegetables we recognize. Right now they’re still just leaves.

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