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A Return

It really does seem like I can’t keep up with this for more than a few months.

Last time I was here, we were just buying a house. That was SIX MONTHS ago. We’ve settled in, still have a few areas with not-so-much furniture, got a new hot water heater, and built some sweet raised bed gardens.

Work has changed too. For a little over three years I did, for lack of a better explanation, an inside sales job. It dealt with our customers that were smaller, however there were many of them and I had between 100-200 customers at any time.

Due to some turnover at work, I was promoted to Account Manager, which is an outside sales position. I travel (almost) weekly or twice a week to Ohio and have a company car, which is awesome since I wouldn’t want to drive the Satillac around that much and that far away.

I’ve been pretty busy with that, but I’ve still been working out with my trainer twice a week and also did a lot of running. In October I finished the Free Press Half Marathon in 2 hours 30 minutes and was super excited that I ran the whole time.

This New Year I’ve got new running goals that I’ll post about soon and some other exercise goals too. More soon 🙂

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  1. February 18, 2012 at 09:16

    Great justification. I love to make out the print Marcy Lu

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