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Two Down, Seven to Go!

Of course, I’ve been busy! Since last time there has been a trip to Vermont, to Mexico, and numerous once or twice a week trips into Ohio.

All through January and February my running was sort of light. I would do 3-4 miles when I could on weeknights and maybe a little more on the weekend. My first race, Super 5k, was good – not the time I wanted- but under 30 minutes so I can’t complain.

Once March started, spring/summer sprung in Michigan and I ramped up a bit looking towards the Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5k on March 11th.

I beat my best 2011 5k time by over two minutes! Finished in 27:46, which is an average 8:57 min mile pace… which means that some of my running was below that! Pretty awesome. Two of my friends that I prodded into running drove in to join me for it as well.

Megan and Karen before the start

Since that race, I have started upping my mileage for the Capitol City Half in May. My legs were a little bit unhappy since I made them run this past Saturday (~4 miles), Sunday (long run, 6.7 miles), AND Monday (3 miles). Tuesday was a no-running day filled with meeting with my trainer at 6am, yoga with Amanda at 6pm, and then some more “strength” work when I got home. Just some rows, lunges, planks, and some ab stuff.

This week’s running schedule looks like this:
Monday: 3 miles (done!)
Wednesday: 4 miles (going to do some trail running)
Friday: 3 miles
Sunday: 7 miles

Hopefully I can make it through! Last week’s long run was closer to what this one should be (did I get lost in the neighborhoods?), so maybe this Sunday’s will run over a bit. My goal for my long slow runs is still to average around 10 minute miles. I would love to have a 10 min mile pace for the half marathon (2hr 11min).

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