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Martian Invasion & Training Update

I looked at my half marathon training today and despite being out almost all last week (started last Saturday) being sick with a cold I somehow manage to still be on schedule. Despite the sickness, a week ago Sunday I forced out 9.6 miles followed by ~3 miles on Monday… and then no more running until the 10k two days ago!

I’m still not sure if forcing myself to run those two days while sick was the wisest decision, but I’m still here.

Martian Invasion of Races – 10k
This was the first race I’ve had that I’ve gone to completely by myself. Tim had to help his parents with their new computer that morning so I was on my own.

Woke up at 5:30am, showered, and had some toast + jam and soy yogurt. Sat around to wake up, drank a small glass of water, then changed and was out of the house by 6:30am – right on the schedule I’d planned. I even set all my clothes out the night before.

Arrived in Dearborn, found a place to park, and walked to the race with a nice lady next to me in the parking garage who was run/walking her first 5k. I decided to wear my neon yellow bike jacket as a vest so I could carry some stuff.

Once the race started, I quickly realized that my jacket was too loose and caused my iPhone to bounce my headphones, so I took those out and raced sans music for 99% of the race. I figure I need to get used to this since I have a trail marathon in August.

Overall, the race went smoothly, only a little bit of drizzly rain. Just sort of went at a normal pace since I didn’t want to push it too close to the half marathon timing and spent most of the race listening to other people’s conversations.

My time ended up being 1 hour, 59 seconds; 9:50min/mile pace. I’m very happy with that. That’d be an awesome half pace in a few weeks.

10 mile LSD run
Yesterday was rainy and the 10 miler got thrown out the window so I decided to try it today after work. Normally I wouldn’t try this long of a distance but I really wanted to get this run in. I brought all my things with me and changed in the bathroom after work then drove and parked near Dixboro Rd and the end of the Gallup Park trail.

It was windy! We were under a high wind advisory all day long today so I knew I’d be slow. Also realized that as soon as I got out of the car I needed to go to the bathroom. Ran a quick first mile or so to the Gallup Park canoo livery to find that the bathrooms were closed due to a water main break… they weren’t locked so… I took the liberty of ignoring the sign and peeing anyways. Desperate times. I can’t run ten miles if I have to pee.

After that, not much news. Windy all the way out to just past the Argo Dam, and windy all the way back, just not against me that time.

Overall time- 1:49:47; 10:58 min pace.

It’s weird to think that I only have one more long run before the Capital City half!

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