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Not So Much Effort

July 24, 2012 1 comment

Last week turned out rather half-heartedly. I had a busy week at work. The weather was hot, yet again.

Monday I visited Honda again with co-workers again all day, not returning home until 6pm. I managed to still make dinner and then force myself into a three mile run after work.

Tuesday was a personal training session with Sarah, and Wednesday was another trip down to Honda, to introduce our new US president of the company. Still didn’t get home until much later than planned – around 7pm. Thursday was personal training with Sarah in the morning.

Friday, the first actually nice day in a long time, I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair with Amanda in the evening and had dinner at Real Seafood Company. Saturday morning I stopped by the Farmer’s Market and decided to get some cooking done!

Banana Bread, Pasta Sauce

After lunch, I visited the art fair again with our neighbors. I’ve only been one other year and never bought anything, so this year I got two rice/noodle bowls that hold chopsticks. I’m super excited to get to use them.

Almost as soon as we got back from walking home from downtown, Megan, Shari, and Karen arrived and we headed downtown again. We were having dinner that evening at Blue Tractor and needed to kill sometime so we played some games at Pinball Pete’s, which I hadn’t done in forever. Dance Dance Revolution is STILL a workout, even just four songs.

Sunday morning I finally got a run in! 10 miles from my house down Packard, south on Platt down to Michigan Ave. and back. A very hot run. I managed to refill my fanny pack water bottles halfway through at Lillie Park and finish them by the time I got home, which means I drank about 40 ounces of water (and promptly sweat it all out). It was a lot less awkward than stopping at the church the other weekend.

It’s Tuesday now and the hot weather stopped my run on Monday after work. This morning I met with Sarah again and I’m thinking about running this evening, just three miles, if the weather gets cooled down a bit.

We’ll see how that goes…


Weekly Planning: 7/15 – 7/20

Have I said that I love calendars and planning? I have a regular monthly calendar on the wall in the kitchen with running schedule, personal training schedule, work days off, and paydays. Under that is the below white board, which breaks apart each week further, including runs, personal training, and dinner menu plan.

I have a calendar at work with my running schedule, paydays, and meetings, which is separate from my Outlook calendar. I like to know when stuff is.

This evening for dinner was cherry tomato pasta, which I got to sneak in a couple from my garden. Not enough ripe yet, but these were the early bloomers that needed to get eaten.

so red!

I found this recipe here, just by some googling. I don’t like raw tomatoes in salad, or at all, so I needed a way to use up the cherry tomatoes. It was awesome.

Ingredients gathered

I was excited to get to have Al Dente pasta, it’s been a while since I last picked some up 🙂 And it’s locally made!


and now for the close-up shot…

Tomorrow’s dinner might be a bit later than usual, I’ll be in Ohio most of the day at Honda but our meeting is in the afternoon, instead of the morning like I usually plan them. Sigh.

A Tale of Three Shoes

This week was alright for running.

Monday morning I did a quick run around the block in my new Asics (1.64 miles).

Tuesday morning I met with Sarah for a personal training session at 6am and after work I decided it was time to test out the Vibrams so I brought them and my Asics to County Farm Park and did 3 miles – first two in the Asics and finished with the Vibrams. The Vibrams definitely felt a lot better than the Asics and I think it is because the Asics feel too big. They are the same length as my New Balance though so I am not sure what to think.

Wednesday morning before work I did 2 miles around the neighborhood in the Vibrams and after work I was back at County Farm Park and did 4 miles – about 2/3 in Vibrams, 1/3 in the Asics.

After this, I decided to give the Vibrams a rest for a while and go back to other shoes for the next few runs.

Thursday morning was another personal training session with Sarah at the rec center.

This morning was my 8 miles LSD (long slow distance) run. I went up Packard to Main, north to Kingsley, through Kerrytown, then turned south on State St. I cut across the Diag to South U. and Washtenaw and went into some ‘fancy’ neighborhoods on Vinewood and Londonderry before crossing Washtenaw again and heading into my old neighborhood on Manchester. I took that all the way down to Packard.

By this time, I was completely out of water. I couldn’t find any houses still watering their lawns at 10:30am and I tried to stop into a Lutheran church but couldn’t find the main entrance. I turned northwest on Packard towards home and noticed that the service at the Baptist church was letting out so I ran across Packard, filled up my water bottles there, and headed home.

All in all, I did 8.3 miles in 1.21.52, 9:51 min/mile. I ran in my New Balance old shoes for this run and it wasn’t painful at all, plus at a good pace. Now I REALLY don’t know what to think.

Aside from running, I’ve been trying to keep on track more with meals.

Ingredients for Monday’s soup

Finished product, slightly eaten

Saturday breakfast, scrambled eggs with asparagus, bacon

We actually didn’t eat out much last week, which was good and we had breakfast at home both Saturday and Sunday (today).

Seven Down, Two to Go!

July 9, 2012 2 comments

Alright, we’ve come quite a ways! Exact opposite of the last post, actually.

The last post was about the Martian Marathon 10k, and after that came the Trails’ End 5 miler at Pinckney Rec Area, the Capital City Half Marathon, Back to the Beach 10k at Stoney Creek Metropark, and lastly the Flirt with Dirt 10k.

I’m not going to write about each, but here are a few pictures.

Just before the Cap City Half

Medals are second only to race tech t-shirts.

Megan, myself, and Karen with our posters for the Back to the Beach race.

Now that it is less than four months until the Free Press full marathon, I am in training mode. Sort of. The runs are planned out and I’m doing them (except all of today’s run…) but it just doesn’t feel real, like the other times I trained for both half marathons. I get really nervous that my body just won’t be able to run that far, and I don’t like to fail.

Today was supposed to be my LSD run for 9 miles. I only got to 6 miles and had Tim come and pick me up. My legs/calves just hurt so much. I think it’s my shoes. I have new running shoes but I’ve still been using the old crappy ones I’ve had for probably a year now.

Tomorrow morning I am going to try to get up and work on breaking in my new shoes. I also got a pair for Vibram Five Fingers that I would love to start to run in. So far I just wear them normally and creep out Tim.

On a different note, holy hell are running shorts vanity sized! These are both smalls…

I noticed this yesterday before I went running and man, either Reebok likes to size things big or Adidas likes things small… it’s about an inch and a half difference between the two.

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Martian Invasion & Training Update

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

I looked at my half marathon training today and despite being out almost all last week (started last Saturday) being sick with a cold I somehow manage to still be on schedule. Despite the sickness, a week ago Sunday I forced out 9.6 miles followed by ~3 miles on Monday… and then no more running until the 10k two days ago!

I’m still not sure if forcing myself to run those two days while sick was the wisest decision, but I’m still here.

Martian Invasion of Races – 10k
This was the first race I’ve had that I’ve gone to completely by myself. Tim had to help his parents with their new computer that morning so I was on my own.

Woke up at 5:30am, showered, and had some toast + jam and soy yogurt. Sat around to wake up, drank a small glass of water, then changed and was out of the house by 6:30am – right on the schedule I’d planned. I even set all my clothes out the night before.

Arrived in Dearborn, found a place to park, and walked to the race with a nice lady next to me in the parking garage who was run/walking her first 5k. I decided to wear my neon yellow bike jacket as a vest so I could carry some stuff.

Once the race started, I quickly realized that my jacket was too loose and caused my iPhone to bounce my headphones, so I took those out and raced sans music for 99% of the race. I figure I need to get used to this since I have a trail marathon in August.

Overall, the race went smoothly, only a little bit of drizzly rain. Just sort of went at a normal pace since I didn’t want to push it too close to the half marathon timing and spent most of the race listening to other people’s conversations.

My time ended up being 1 hour, 59 seconds; 9:50min/mile pace. I’m very happy with that. That’d be an awesome half pace in a few weeks.

10 mile LSD run
Yesterday was rainy and the 10 miler got thrown out the window so I decided to try it today after work. Normally I wouldn’t try this long of a distance but I really wanted to get this run in. I brought all my things with me and changed in the bathroom after work then drove and parked near Dixboro Rd and the end of the Gallup Park trail.

It was windy! We were under a high wind advisory all day long today so I knew I’d be slow. Also realized that as soon as I got out of the car I needed to go to the bathroom. Ran a quick first mile or so to the Gallup Park canoo livery to find that the bathrooms were closed due to a water main break… they weren’t locked so… I took the liberty of ignoring the sign and peeing anyways. Desperate times. I can’t run ten miles if I have to pee.

After that, not much news. Windy all the way out to just past the Argo Dam, and windy all the way back, just not against me that time.

Overall time- 1:49:47; 10:58 min pace.

It’s weird to think that I only have one more long run before the Capital City half!

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Two Down, Seven to Go!

March 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Of course, I’ve been busy! Since last time there has been a trip to Vermont, to Mexico, and numerous once or twice a week trips into Ohio.

All through January and February my running was sort of light. I would do 3-4 miles when I could on weeknights and maybe a little more on the weekend. My first race, Super 5k, was good – not the time I wanted- but under 30 minutes so I can’t complain.

Once March started, spring/summer sprung in Michigan and I ramped up a bit looking towards the Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5k on March 11th.

I beat my best 2011 5k time by over two minutes! Finished in 27:46, which is an average 8:57 min mile pace… which means that some of my running was below that! Pretty awesome. Two of my friends that I prodded into running drove in to join me for it as well.

Megan and Karen before the start

Since that race, I have started upping my mileage for the Capitol City Half in May. My legs were a little bit unhappy since I made them run this past Saturday (~4 miles), Sunday (long run, 6.7 miles), AND Monday (3 miles). Tuesday was a no-running day filled with meeting with my trainer at 6am, yoga with Amanda at 6pm, and then some more “strength” work when I got home. Just some rows, lunges, planks, and some ab stuff.

This week’s running schedule looks like this:
Monday: 3 miles (done!)
Wednesday: 4 miles (going to do some trail running)
Friday: 3 miles
Sunday: 7 miles

Hopefully I can make it through! Last week’s long run was closer to what this one should be (did I get lost in the neighborhoods?), so maybe this Sunday’s will run over a bit. My goal for my long slow runs is still to average around 10 minute miles. I would love to have a 10 min mile pace for the half marathon (2hr 11min).

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Back on Track

January 9, 2012 Leave a comment

First week of 2012 is officially gone!

I spent a little bit of time before the holidays and then on New Year’s Day figuring out my race schedule for this year.

Big goal: Free Press FULL Marathon.

Goals along the way:

  • Super 5k: February 5th, Novi, MI
  • Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5k: March 11th, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Martian Marathon 10k: April 14th, Dearborn, MI
  • Roads’ End 5 Miler: April 29th, Pinckney Rec Area, MI
  • Capitol City Half Marathon: May 5th, Columbus, OH
  • Back to the Beach 10k: May 20th, Shelby Twp., MI
  • Flirt with Dirt 10k: June 9th, Novi, MI
  • The Legend Half Marathon: August 4th, Lansing, MI
  • Free Press Full Marathon: October 21st, Detroit, MI/Windsor, Ontario

I’ve got my 2012 calendar all kitted out with my running plan for the year and the white board below it for each week + our meals and other appointments.

Week 1 Planned

Week 1 Actual
Sunday 1/1: Drove home from skiing up north
Monday 1/2: 3 mile run (treadmill, 10:56 pace)
Tuesday 1/3: 6am-7am workout with personal trainer, 6pm-7pm beginning yoga with Amanda
Wednesday 1/4: nothing, glorious nothing.
Thursday 1/5: 6pm-7pm beginning yoga with Amanda
Friday 1/6: 3.86 mile run to Amanda’s house (10:05 pace)
Saturday 1/7: 3.25 mile walk at Gallup Park
Sunday 1/8: 2 mile run to the Rec Center (9:54 pace); 20 minutes of abs, 2.85 mile run back home (11:04 pace)

This week is a short week since we’re leaving for Vermont on Wednesday after work. I’ve only got a run for tonight, personal training session and yoga tomorrow planned, but I’ll be taking my running stuff out east with me too 🙂