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Not So Much Effort

July 24, 2012 1 comment

Last week turned out rather half-heartedly. I had a busy week at work. The weather was hot, yet again.

Monday I visited Honda again with co-workers again all day, not returning home until 6pm. I managed to still make dinner and then force myself into a three mile run after work.

Tuesday was a personal training session with Sarah, and Wednesday was another trip down to Honda, to introduce our new US president of the company. Still didn’t get home until much later than planned – around 7pm. Thursday was personal training with Sarah in the morning.

Friday, the first actually nice day in a long time, I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair with Amanda in the evening and had dinner at Real Seafood Company. Saturday morning I stopped by the Farmer’s Market and decided to get some cooking done!

Banana Bread, Pasta Sauce

After lunch, I visited the art fair again with our neighbors. I’ve only been one other year and never bought anything, so this year I got two rice/noodle bowls that hold chopsticks. I’m super excited to get to use them.

Almost as soon as we got back from walking home from downtown, Megan, Shari, and Karen arrived and we headed downtown again. We were having dinner that evening at Blue Tractor and needed to kill sometime so we played some games at Pinball Pete’s, which I hadn’t done in forever. Dance Dance Revolution is STILL a workout, even just four songs.

Sunday morning I finally got a run in! 10 miles from my house down Packard, south on Platt down to Michigan Ave. and back. A very hot run. I managed to refill my fanny pack water bottles halfway through at Lillie Park and finish them by the time I got home, which means I drank about 40 ounces of water (and promptly sweat it all out). It was a lot less awkward than stopping at the church the other weekend.

It’s Tuesday now and the hot weather stopped my run on Monday after work. This morning I met with Sarah again and I’m thinking about running this evening, just three miles, if the weather gets cooled down a bit.

We’ll see how that goes…


A Tale of Three Shoes

This week was alright for running.

Monday morning I did a quick run around the block in my new Asics (1.64 miles).

Tuesday morning I met with Sarah for a personal training session at 6am and after work I decided it was time to test out the Vibrams so I brought them and my Asics to County Farm Park and did 3 miles – first two in the Asics and finished with the Vibrams. The Vibrams definitely felt a lot better than the Asics and I think it is because the Asics feel too big. They are the same length as my New Balance though so I am not sure what to think.

Wednesday morning before work I did 2 miles around the neighborhood in the Vibrams and after work I was back at County Farm Park and did 4 miles – about 2/3 in Vibrams, 1/3 in the Asics.

After this, I decided to give the Vibrams a rest for a while and go back to other shoes for the next few runs.

Thursday morning was another personal training session with Sarah at the rec center.

This morning was my 8 miles LSD (long slow distance) run. I went up Packard to Main, north to Kingsley, through Kerrytown, then turned south on State St. I cut across the Diag to South U. and Washtenaw and went into some ‘fancy’ neighborhoods on Vinewood and Londonderry before crossing Washtenaw again and heading into my old neighborhood on Manchester. I took that all the way down to Packard.

By this time, I was completely out of water. I couldn’t find any houses still watering their lawns at 10:30am and I tried to stop into a Lutheran church but couldn’t find the main entrance. I turned northwest on Packard towards home and noticed that the service at the Baptist church was letting out so I ran across Packard, filled up my water bottles there, and headed home.

All in all, I did 8.3 miles in 1.21.52, 9:51 min/mile. I ran in my New Balance old shoes for this run and it wasn’t painful at all, plus at a good pace. Now I REALLY don’t know what to think.

Aside from running, I’ve been trying to keep on track more with meals.

Ingredients for Monday’s soup

Finished product, slightly eaten

Saturday breakfast, scrambled eggs with asparagus, bacon

We actually didn’t eat out much last week, which was good and we had breakfast at home both Saturday and Sunday (today).

Two Down, Seven to Go!

March 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Of course, I’ve been busy! Since last time there has been a trip to Vermont, to Mexico, and numerous once or twice a week trips into Ohio.

All through January and February my running was sort of light. I would do 3-4 miles when I could on weeknights and maybe a little more on the weekend. My first race, Super 5k, was good – not the time I wanted- but under 30 minutes so I can’t complain.

Once March started, spring/summer sprung in Michigan and I ramped up a bit looking towards the Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5k on March 11th.

I beat my best 2011 5k time by over two minutes! Finished in 27:46, which is an average 8:57 min mile pace… which means that some of my running was below that! Pretty awesome. Two of my friends that I prodded into running drove in to join me for it as well.

Megan and Karen before the start

Since that race, I have started upping my mileage for the Capitol City Half in May. My legs were a little bit unhappy since I made them run this past Saturday (~4 miles), Sunday (long run, 6.7 miles), AND Monday (3 miles). Tuesday was a no-running day filled with meeting with my trainer at 6am, yoga with Amanda at 6pm, and then some more “strength” work when I got home. Just some rows, lunges, planks, and some ab stuff.

This week’s running schedule looks like this:
Monday: 3 miles (done!)
Wednesday: 4 miles (going to do some trail running)
Friday: 3 miles
Sunday: 7 miles

Hopefully I can make it through! Last week’s long run was closer to what this one should be (did I get lost in the neighborhoods?), so maybe this Sunday’s will run over a bit. My goal for my long slow runs is still to average around 10 minute miles. I would love to have a 10 min mile pace for the half marathon (2hr 11min).

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A Return

January 6, 2012 1 comment

It really does seem like I can’t keep up with this for more than a few months.

Last time I was here, we were just buying a house. That was SIX MONTHS ago. We’ve settled in, still have a few areas with not-so-much furniture, got a new hot water heater, and built some sweet raised bed gardens.

Work has changed too. For a little over three years I did, for lack of a better explanation, an inside sales job. It dealt with our customers that were smaller, however there were many of them and I had between 100-200 customers at any time.

Due to some turnover at work, I was promoted to Account Manager, which is an outside sales position. I travel (almost) weekly or twice a week to Ohio and have a company car, which is awesome since I wouldn’t want to drive the Satillac around that much and that far away.

I’ve been pretty busy with that, but I’ve still been working out with my trainer twice a week and also did a lot of running. In October I finished the Free Press Half Marathon in 2 hours 30 minutes and was super excited that I ran the whole time.

This New Year I’ve got new running goals that I’ll post about soon and some other exercise goals too. More soon 🙂

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I Dream of Garden

I’ve had a lot of time to (day)dream in the beginning of the week. You say, I spend about 15 hours in a car going back and forth from Normal, IL. In case you don’t know, it is FOREVER away from here. 15 hours to go to a Mitsubishi supplier conference. Best part, I get to take another long drive next week to Lafayette, IN for a Subaru supplier conference. Bleh.

I got to check out a great deal of farms. Lots of them. Unfortunately, not much difference. Soy beans, wheat, corn. Wheat, corn, soy beans, and so on and so forth. Each little town had a silo where I’m sure they brought their harvest to and I’m sure they made pennies on the dollar and needed subsidies to afford to keep their land.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single crop farm, aside from a U-Pick fruit farm, that grows something other than corn, soy beans, or wheat. Welcome to the Midwest.

Anyways, getting on with it, I had a lot of time to think about my garden. It’s hard to describe how giddy I feel when I see little plants popping out of the soil that just weeks ago I sweated over to till by hand.

So, without any more to do, here are a couple more garden pictures.

A Long Time Coming, Update Part #3

June 6, 2011 2 comments

The last thing that has been keeping me busy lately has been my Project Grow community garden plot.

We couldn’t get into the garden until after the middle of May since it was so rainy… and then the man who usually tills the gardens for everyone was unable to till since it was still so rainy.

It has taken many, many hours of tilling by hand with a pitchfork but I finally have almost all of my plants in.

Brad’s Black Heart (link)
Aunt Ruby’s German Green (link)
Pixie Red Rock (link)
Livingstone Stone (x2) (link)
Amish Paste (x4) (link)
Honor Bright (x2) (link)

Fish (link)
Thai (x2) (link)
Sheepnose Pimento (x4) (link)
Mini Yellow Bell (x4) (link)

All Others
Detroit Cabbage (seed) (link)
Sunset Lettuce (seed) (link)
Henderson Bush Lima Beans
Snow Crown Cauliflower (x6)
Cabbage (x3)
Red Russian Kale (x3)
Kale (x3)
Thai Basil (x3)
Genovese Basil (x3)
Flat Leaf Parsley (x4)

I still have carrots, two different types of beans I got from my garden neighbor, and some Hearts of Gold Melons from the heirloom seed trail.

I added the red lines to easily point out the outline of the plot. This isn’t the most recent picture, I’ve finished those two half rows and added some at the very ends of the walking rows.

I’m heading down to Illinois for work today so no more working on the garden until Tuesday evening 😦

A Long Time Coming, Update Part #2

June 4, 2011 3 comments

One Step Closer to Homesteading

otherwise known as…


Honestly, I thought this process would take a lot longer than it actually did.
We found our Realtor through one of our friends, set up an informational meeting in the beginning of April since no one ever explains to you exactly how one proceeds to buy a house, and we were looking at houses not long after.

We put an offer in on the house we choose on the evening of May 4th and it got accepted less than 24 hours later! Within a week we had the inspections done, radon test done, loan paperwork in… everything has been chugging along smoothly.

Two days ago we finally heard back from the underwriter about our loan and had to complete a couple Prior to Closing Conditions. They were actually really simple things to explain (we don’t own any part of Tim’s parent’s house and we had to re-scan his license).

We are set to close on June 24th and I think it is just a waiting game until then.
I’ve got grand plans for things like clotheslines and rain barrels and building raised bed gardens. Tim has grand plans for wiring Cat-6 data lines and re-staining the deck.

Of course, house details. It’s 1000 sq. ft. on the ground floor with about 90% of that finished in the basement. Three bedrooms and full bath upstairs and a sort of finished half bath downstairs. Kitchen is super tiny. Yard is what I would consider big for Ann Arbor. Trex front porch and wooden deck in the back.

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