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Martian Invasion & Training Update

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

I looked at my half marathon training today and despite being out almost all last week (started last Saturday) being sick with a cold I somehow manage to still be on schedule. Despite the sickness, a week ago Sunday I forced out 9.6 miles followed by ~3 miles on Monday… and then no more running until the 10k two days ago!

I’m still not sure if forcing myself to run those two days while sick was the wisest decision, but I’m still here.

Martian Invasion of Races – 10k
This was the first race I’ve had that I’ve gone to completely by myself. Tim had to help his parents with their new computer that morning so I was on my own.

Woke up at 5:30am, showered, and had some toast + jam and soy yogurt. Sat around to wake up, drank a small glass of water, then changed and was out of the house by 6:30am – right on the schedule I’d planned. I even set all my clothes out the night before.

Arrived in Dearborn, found a place to park, and walked to the race with a nice lady next to me in the parking garage who was run/walking her first 5k. I decided to wear my neon yellow bike jacket as a vest so I could carry some stuff.

Once the race started, I quickly realized that my jacket was too loose and caused my iPhone to bounce my headphones, so I took those out and raced sans music for 99% of the race. I figure I need to get used to this since I have a trail marathon in August.

Overall, the race went smoothly, only a little bit of drizzly rain. Just sort of went at a normal pace since I didn’t want to push it too close to the half marathon timing and spent most of the race listening to other people’s conversations.

My time ended up being 1 hour, 59 seconds; 9:50min/mile pace. I’m very happy with that. That’d be an awesome half pace in a few weeks.

10 mile LSD run
Yesterday was rainy and the 10 miler got thrown out the window so I decided to try it today after work. Normally I wouldn’t try this long of a distance but I really wanted to get this run in. I brought all my things with me and changed in the bathroom after work then drove and parked near Dixboro Rd and the end of the Gallup Park trail.

It was windy! We were under a high wind advisory all day long today so I knew I’d be slow. Also realized that as soon as I got out of the car I needed to go to the bathroom. Ran a quick first mile or so to the Gallup Park canoo livery to find that the bathrooms were closed due to a water main break… they weren’t locked so… I took the liberty of ignoring the sign and peeing anyways. Desperate times. I can’t run ten miles if I have to pee.

After that, not much news. Windy all the way out to just past the Argo Dam, and windy all the way back, just not against me that time.

Overall time- 1:49:47; 10:58 min pace.

It’s weird to think that I only have one more long run before the Capital City half!

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A new blog!

We closed on our house this Monday (!!!) so I decided to start another, little less personal, blog.

Rosewood Homestead

The new blog will focus on our house, being new homeowners, projects, and my goals of being able to be as self-sufficient as possible on the new land that we own.

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Monday Dinner

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

First off, 10/24 through 10/29 Menu, in no order.

Weekly Menu
1.) Japanese Curry, with stew beef, potatoes, and carrots. Beef from the quarter cow we bought from Tim’s uncle. This is probably 2-3 meals’ worth (~6 servings).
2.) Sausage Spinach Pasta Toss from Kitchen Steward. Italian sausage from Ernst Farm in Ann Arbor.
3.) Roasted Cauliflower and Quinoa (new regular!)
4.) Bean Burgers and Mac & Cheese
5.) Red Lentil Soup with Lemon from Orangette

Tonight I made the Sausage Spinach Toss. I couldn’t find any baby spinach at the farmer’s market because it was probably too late in the season, but I managed to grab a perfectly sized bag from Tantre Farm. We have lots of leftovers 😀

I got an email earlier this week from Think Local First about a bunch of different events going on in the area. I’m thinking about going to their annual meeting on November 15th. I’m not a member so it’s $10 to go but it seems like it will be pretty interesting. I just need to remember to email to say that I’m going….. I just emailed the contact person to register! Looks like I am going to it.

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Four Items

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

1.) You need to have a state of Michigan tax ID license in order to sell your stuff at the Sunday Artisan Market in Ann Arbor. Sadness. The .gov site makes it looks not too hard to get one. If all the old ladies selling pot holders were able to figure it out, I probably can too.

2.) Tim and I went for a short trail run at Pinckney Rec Area this afternoon. Only about two miles, but it was so much more difficult than normal running. Heart rate monitor says it was 330 calories.

3.) Our cat is now obsessed with sitting on tables.

4.) Hang ‘Em Dry Challenge from Crunchy Chicken: Oddly, it’s a lot easier to hang dry my laundry when I am in an apartment than in a house. We almost never did in the house, mostly because I did not want to drag damp laundry up the stairs. I have a sweet little set-up here in our second bathroom–a collapsable drying rack and two little octopi hangers from IKEA. We already hang our stuff up here the majority of the time.

Your failboat has arrived.

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Ugh. I feel like I really need to get my normal lunch group at work back on the bringing lunch in track. Work is just so frustrating sometimes that by the time lunch rolls around my only desire is to not be in that office any longer. The lunch hour is enough to just walk out, sit somewhere else, eat lunch, and complain, commiserate.

Dinner at home is always good. Even if we go out to eat for dinner, the last two times since I decided on my “sustainable meat only” change, I can pick a place where I know I can get something that I am okay with eating (went to Olive Garden and got Portobello Ravioli, and got tortilla soup and bean tacos at Qdoba.). This past weekend I visited my friend Dave and his family back in Shelby Twp, which was no problem since he is vegetarian.

One of the things that is hard with eating out is that I feel as if in order to get something meatless, I almost inevitably need to chose a dish with dairy, which I also want to avoid. Lactose-free flexitarian? Is that what you would call my goal? (Ovo-vegetarian who cheats when she finds it morally compelling? LOL.) Anyways….

Work is the hardest ever. I haven’t done well once so far this week and I feel like a failure. Is it really that hard? We have a lunch spreadsheet at work that we made up a month ago of acceptable, OK, and unacceptable places for some of us when we decide to go. I feel like I need to go and change a lot of my acceptable and OK places to unacceptable because there is simply nothing that I can choose there that does not involve meat.

Did I mention that I don’t eat raw vegetables? I really wish that I liked them, but I cannot stand that crunchy texture.

I really need to get out ALL eating out, but I know I cannot.

No go: Chili’s, Applebee’s, Outback, any sub/sandwich places, Buffalo Wild Wings (my life filled with sadness when I just typed that, btw).

Pretty good: Qdoba, Noodles, No Thai, or any other Thai, Mongolian BBQ.

I really just need to get hooked on Seva and the Earthen Jar and then I can be all set for eating out when I want to. Work is still a challenge. I am such a cave-in when everyone is going out to lunch and I’ve had a frustrating morning (read: everyday).

Ugh. This post really had no thought process. Just rambling.

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September 26, 2010 2 comments

With my Etsy project on hold for the moment, I’ve been spending a lot of my time working Friends of the Ann Arbor Greenway, handling their blog/website, Facebook, fledgling Flickr page, and Gmail account. We’ve been meeting about once a week and one of the things that I really like about it, besides the obvious working on the Greenway, is that I am learning a lot more about Ann Arbor and it’s politics.

We had a really great showing at the Homegrown Festival last month and now we are planning a TBD event for October 17th at the 1st & William lot. More details will be announced on the Facebook page and website as they become available.

The other thing that I have been trying to look at even more closely now is where my food comes from. There are a lot of different ideas about how to get your food responsibly and I think ultimately what is most important to me is distance. Now this doesn’t mean if I lived next door to a Pop-tarts factory that the HFCS-laden breakfast “pastry” would be viable.

I really like the idea of the 100 mile diet. I couldn’t follow this strictly or 100% of the time (No bananas? Oranges? Coffee???? You must be mad.) If you go to their website, you can plot on the map what your 100 mile radius is, and I still get surprised every time that I see it. I could get beer from Bell’s if I wanted to. There is a shrimp farm in Okemos. You can get beef, pork, poultry (chicken & turkey), AND buffalo all in Washtenaw county. Local Harvest told me I can drive a few miles down the road and buy eggs off some lady’s porch (and I did).

This just my list that I can think up of what I get from within 100 miles:
bacon, sausage, pork roasts, eggs, bread (multiple kinds), yogurt, lettuce, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, grapes, flour, all kinds of berries, cauliflower, green beans, onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms (and grow-it-yourself kits for them) etc, etc. Add to that the ridiculous amount of vegetables that my palate rejects.

Thanks to Eden Organics I can even get my canned beans and soy milk in the grocery stores through their distribution center in Tecumseh, Michigan and grown very close to that 100 mile radius (soy beans from the Thumb and the beans from Indiana if I remember correctly. I talked to them for a while at their stand at the Homegrown Festival).

Breakfast is really easy on this plan! Eggs, soy milk, bread, and Maple Syrup all from Washtenaw County. You can have bacon and eggs if you want them. Toast with Jam? No problem. Unfortunately my yogurt is not from Washtenaw County (it’s from Henderson, MI in Shiawasee County).

With that, here is my menu for the next coming week. If only I could get rice grown in Michigan….

Weekly Menu:
Sunday- Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Blush Sauce, Garlic Bread
Ravioli and Sauce from Pasta e Pasta in Chesterfield, MI and shokupan (Japanese style white bread) from Cafe Japon in Ann Arbor)
Monday-stir fry with green beans, broccoli, & corn
Green beans and broccoli from Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Tuesday- Red Lentil Daal with Brown Rice (recipe)
Tomatoes, garlic, and onions from Ann Arbor Farmers Market
Wednesday- Leftover curry
Thursday- Black bean burger, couscous, and corn on the cob
Beans from Eden Organic (based in Tecumseh, MI), corn from Farmers Market
Friday- not sure yet, Ann Arbor Greenway meet up at 5:30pm at Kerrytown Sweetwaters

Oh, and lastly, I’m about 99% sure that I am going to be running in Phi Sigma Pi’s 13th Annual Pi Mile up at MSU on October 24th. Even though I spent 3 Falls in PSP, either as an initiate or a Brother, I never actually ran in the race… although I have stood outside in the rain in squishy grass and written everyone’s times down. Let’s hope this goes well.

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New Endeavours

August 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Busy. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy lately. I like to feel as if I have something (read: meaningful) to do.

Mainly, there are two new things that I have been occupying myself with: opening up an Etsy shop and helping out with the Friends of the Ann Arbor Greenway group.

Etsy is sort of like, the eBay of hand-made and vintage ONLY goods. I’m looking at selling crocheted things like washcloths, dish/face scrubbies, gloves, hats, etc. and hopefully will get into card making. I recently made a clutch/wallet that is lined with felt and a coffee mug cozy. I just need to find a good camera to take some pictures with and I’ll be all set to open up shop. I might wait until after the Houghton trip to do so.

The Ann Arbor Greenway is a proposed greenway that would run in the floodplain of Allen Creek in downtown Ann Arbor. The Facebook page is up and running and we have 60 fans so far, but I know we can get more!

An idea of the before & after for one of the areas– 415 W. Washington, south of the YMCA.

Both pictures courtesy of Francesca Caressa and the Allen Creek Greenway Conservancy.