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Weekend Catch-Up

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Taking some time to catch up on meals over the last couple of days.

Breakfast at Northside Grill
-scrambled eggs
-wheat toast
-hash browns

Lunch Scavenged from Meijer
-whole wheat roll
-roasted red pepper hummus
-fruit juice smoothie… thing

Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning I was up in East Lansing for Phi Sigma Pi Induction ceremony and party. My family went out to Bravo! in Eastwood Towne Center for dinner. My dinner was good but the vegetarian selection was surprisingly not so good for a restaurant like that… not even a “normal” spaghetti dish. I think some of the only non-meat dishes were eggplant based. Sorry, I don’t like eggplant in my Italian food. I ended up having the Pasta Bravo without chicken.

Sunday was the night for the roaster chicken I got from my mom… however I was not completely sure if it was going to be thawed out since I called on my way home from East Lansing to ask Tim to start thawing it. In the end it was nicely thawed and ready to go at 5pm. We had a late lunch at Panera so a late dinner was in the works too.

Fancy Schmancy Sunday Dinner
-Roasted chicken with Citrus Rub from Spice Merchants
-Corn & Peas
-Israeli couscous with Indian curry powder

The leftovers from the chicken made a GREAT lunch today. It’s also going to get made into chicken noodle soup and then chicken stock as well. Gotta use up as much of it as I can 🙂


Sansu – East Lansing

November 19, 2010 3 comments

Thursday night after the Westboro Baptist Church counter-protest, myself and two of my friends went out to dinner at Sansu Japanese restaurant in East Lansing. We didn’t go there much when I was actually a student since it was pretty far away from our dorms and seemed more expensive than the closer Japanese restaurants. The prices didn’t seem that bad this time (maybe they’ve changed?) or maybe I just have more money now than when I was 18. They seemed normal for the same type of restaurant in Ann Arbor.

Soup & Salad

Karen & Shari’s differing views on salad

Veggie Gyoza

Egg Sushi

California Roll & Cucumber Rolls, My Avocado Roll

This was my first time attempting to eat vegetarian at a Japanese restaurant. It was hard not to just order the eel and avocado roll (the eel sauce is all I want really…). Yes, I am ignoring whatever is used in the broth for the miso soup. There is probably dashi stock in it, but LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU. I was very surprised to see green veggie gyoza, but they were very good… although I think they were deep fried and not pan-fried like I am used to. The egg sushi was very good (although there was probably dashi in that too). I was really happy about the grapes and oranges (?) with the gyoza, they made a nice little dessert instead of having to order anything else.

A Day Off

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Today, I took the day off work to go up to East Lansing. The Westboro Baptist Church is picketing outside of East Lansing High School this afternoon (along with some other Michigan locations)…. There is counter-protest of course, which seems to be pretty big, so I am heading up for that. Gotta take this chance to see some of the crazies in person. This is East Lansing though, so of course if the WBC gets rowdy the ELPD may tear gas them. It’s been a long time since I had a chance to exercise my right to assemble and I am pumped about it (hey I was partially a political science major after all!)

Hanging out at Espresso Royale makes me feel like I am a freshman again. I went to MSU for three and a half years and I really liked it up here. I’m glad I got a day to go back up during the normal work week since that’s when class is happening like normal. Usually when I come up it is only on the weekends and for Phi Sigma Pi events. I wouldn’t say that I miss university, but it is just nice to sit here and pretend. Some people revisit university by coming up and partying…. I sit in a coffee shop. Sweet.

I do have some meals to catch up on writing about, so I figure there is no better time than now.

Dinner, 11/16
Leftover BBQ Tofu, Curry Quinoa, Roasted Romanesco & regular cauliflower

I love the fact that I was able to find Romanesco Cauliflower at the Farmers Market. I told the person at the stand exactly how happy I was that she was selling it, so hopefully she will have it more often next year.

This morning I decided to do a little breakfast experiment, to break away from my normal blueberry yogurt, strawberry granola, and half slice of banana bread. Normally I don’t have much time in the morning but today I did! This made-up breakfast was better than I had imagined. No pictures, since it looks not too appetizing…. but looks aren’t everything with food. Right?

One Leftover Bean Burger
1/4 cup pizza sauce
1/3 cup frozen corn
1/3 cup brown rice
1 egg

Cut up bean burger into little cubes. Put a little bit of olive oil in a pan and warm up bean burger a bit. Then add pizza sauce, 1/4 cup water, corn, and brown rice. Mix together and basically just warm everything up. It won’t take long for the corn to thaw and heat up. When that is done, whisk the egg and pour it over everything in the pan. Stir until egg is cooked.

It is sort of like a Mexican rice (stickier though) or maybe like the filling you would use for stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls (both staples often cooked by my grandma that I never ever touched). It would’ve tasted good a little bit spicier but we didn’t have any open salsa. Maybe I’ll try it in a tortilla next time?

Also, I got to try something new yesterday at work! I’m not sure if this really needs an exclamation point o not, since I am not too sure how I feel about this…. Wasabi Kit-Kat. Straight from the minds of Japanese food chemists to my tummy.

It is a very calming green color and if I hadn’t known it was wasabi I would’ve thought maybe key lime. But no. Definitely wasabi. Not that too much wasabi on the sushi burning your nostrils sort-of feeling… it is sweet and vanilla-y at first and then after it gets chewed a bit. UGH. UNCALLED FOR. I am not a chili powder in my chocolate person and apparently I am not a wasabi in my Kit-kat person either.